Walking in God’s Providence

As many of you know we have transitioned to Kenya and we are doing well.  We have now lived here for over a month and we are feeling more and more at home.  We still don’t have all of our belongings, but they should arrive in November.  We are buying items we need for our new home that we didn’t bring with us and are thankful for the temporary furniture items we are able to use during this transition.  Slowly we are getting accustomed to the new normal of living in Nairobi.  


Transitions are difficult.  No matter who you are and what the transition is, it will cause some friction in your life.  Even knowing that we are walking in God’s providence for this season of life, we find ourselves struggling.  The truth is, that God is helping us re-define who we are.  For so many years we knew what our role was and what we needed to do that having to start over is uncomfortable.  Granted, we have learned from the past and we don’t want to make the same mistakes, but it is so hard to push the fleshly desires down and live in the new man/woman that God created.  The things we were respected for and that we saw God do don’t seem to have much significance in this new role and context.  It is as if ten years of our life disappeared and very few people care.  


Well the truth is that we do care and we know others do as well so we can’t forget what the Lord has done in the past.  We have so many memories of His faithfulness that help us push forward in these times of uncertainty.  We see God’s providence clearly at work in our lives in our past and it helps us stand firm in God’s truth in the present and to look forward to what the future holds.  Our desire is that the Lord will be glorified in and through us as we push forward into a new unknown.  


So, what is ahead?  Well some things we hope to see happen is to see our new missionary units better equipped than ever before.  To build upon the good foundation others have worked so hard to build.  We hope to see better leaders and mentors working with our units.  Truly investing into the lives of those the Lord sends their way.  We hope to develop a strong and lasting relationship with many churches here in Kenya and to see the Lord raise up leaders from within the harvest fields.  We hope to grow in our Swahili language and Kenyan culture so as to speak and behave in a way that would allow people to see God’s love.  We hope to see all believers grow in their faith and walk in maturity as we have opportunities to disciple others.  We hope to become less and the He would become more (John 3:30).


Prayer Request:

  • Pray for us as we learn a new language
  • Pray for our families.  In particular Phoebe and Emma.  For Phoebe and Josh to remain strong in the Lord and for Emma’s vehicle to be healed
  • Pray for opportunities for us to share the good news of Jesus Christ, future trainings in churches and for new relationships to deepen.
  • Pray for our belongings to get here safe and sound in November
  • Pray for Baylee and River to do well this new school year



  • We have seen several people hear God’s call unto salvation
  • We are adjusting well to life here and are learning more about our new city
  • Several units in Madagascar have done well on their language evaluations
  • Baylee and River have started a new school year and our internet is running smoother this week than the previous ones


Heads Up:

We will be going on our next Stateside the middle of April 2021 through the middle of July 2021.  If you would like to have us come share, please reach out to us.  We should be basing out of Bryan/College Station.  Thanks.


Suzie was able to see a ministry site and share a little

Our Puppy Dog Rose is happy

Phoebe has her Aggie Ring

River is now a good bike rider

Tasting the offerings of our city

Baylee working on online school

We have worshipped at church and enjoyed hearing Swahili

Emma had a Birthday!!!



  1. Praying that God comforts you in this challenging transition! So proud of y’all and your faithfulness to leave Mada!😢🤗🙏🏻
    We wish we could see you when you are on stateside next year. Praying for all of you.


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