Have You Moved Yet?

Even in the midst of restrictions, we are so thankful to have been able to say some of the necessary farewells to prepare for our move to Kenya.  We’ve really struggled with this job transfer and move for a number of reasons.  And although the uncertainty of our circumstances has had us on edge, we’re holding on.  We’ve been doing our new job and trying our best to finish well here in Madagascar despite the ever-changing restrictions.

In the past month we’ve shared meals with Malagasy families and celebrated our final worship service at our local Malagasy church.  Each of these events was full of joy and sadness as we both mourn the change coming and rejoice in all that God has done.  After so many years of building relationships, learning more of the Malagasy language and culture, making disciples, planting churches and really settling in, it’s hard to leave, but we walk by faith.  As we’ve said these farewells, we continue to get calls and messages asking, “Have you moved yet?” The answer is “no”.  The future is still uncertain. We’re not sure when we will move, the details of our arrival in Kenya, the details of our crate arriving in Kenya and even how the plans for and duties of our job will come together.  There is an urgency not only because we want to be there already, but other reasons that really make it necessary for us to get there as soon as possible.  Would you pray that every detail would come together and soon?



*We’ve been able to say farewell to many of our Malagasy friends.

*We’re headed in the right direction to be moved this month.

*We’ve been able to pack up most of the house.

*Our work visas for Kenya are ready.

*Kenya has opened its borders for international travel.

*We’re continually blessed by the prayers and support of people like you all around the world!


Prayer Requests:

*Paperwork for the move to come together in the right order and at the right time.

*No trouble with travels getting from Fort Dauphin, to Antananarivo and then onto Nairobi.

*For our crate to be packed and shipped within the time constraints.

*For Baylee and River to enjoy this month of summer vacation and be settled when school starts (1st of Sept.)

*For Emma and Phoebe to settle back into their routine as they start their Fall 2020 semester at university.

*For continued guidance, wisdom & money planning for Phoebe’s wedding.

Bosco's Family Farewell

Baylee's 16th Birthday

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