Be Encouraged

The month of June has been long and hard.  We’ve felt the loss of volunteers that were supposed to join us in reaching out and training up our Malagasy brothers and sister.  We mourned the postponement of a week-long intensive Seminary training that was supposed to be taking place.  We’re uncertain of when we will move and it’s makes it difficult to know how much to pack up and what arrangements to make in the time being.  There have been so many losses and unending uncertainties, BUT GOD.
One of our student missionaries that had to return to the States early this Spring due to COVID left behind a t-shirt that has become one of my favorites.  It says, “But God…”. It’s been a wonderful reminder this season to trust him. 
He is not surprised by this pandemic and he is not moved from his purpose for mankind; that all should reach repentance. 
Though this update sounds all gloomy and there have been some low days, the one thing that sticks out about the month of June is the reminder to BE ENCOURAGED. 
I’ve been overwhelmed by the faithfulness of follower’s who have gone above and beyond to check in, pray and give sacrificially. In the midst of uncertainties around the world people are still giving and have allowed us to take care of unexpected needs- our daughter’s car repairs, help provide food and medical care for our Malagasy brothers and sisters who are starving and suffering among other things.
We aren’t as busy with day-to-day ministry since we are being careful to social distance, but we are involved in local ministry, participating in weekly church services- in person and are continuing in the Missionary task as much as possible. We are also busy daily executing the tasks of our new First Term Training Catalyst position. 
We are receiving messages from friends like you checking on us and those we are ministering to.  We are encouraging!  Don’t stop.  Remember we are praying for you too!
As we continue in a state of limbo may we all remember, But God. He’s not finished with us yet!

*Phoebe and Josh are engaged
*Baylee and River are almost finished with the 2019-2020 school year
*Emma got a job for the summer
*We’re able to attend our local church in person
*We’re getting closer to being ready to move

Prayer Requests:
*We would be able to help plan for a wedding from the other side of the world
*We would be moved before the 2020-2021 school year begins (in Sept)
*Passport and VISA issues would not hinder our move
*The timing of our packing, good-byes and actual move would be perfect
*All those, in their various capacities, being affected by COVID- and the repercussions that we can’t even yet foretell

 Madagascar Independence and "Farewell" to our Friends
 THE new favorite "But God" shirt
 Praying over and encouraging a brother building a Mission School
 Independence Cake with Malagasy Flag
 Training among Antanosy leaders
 There have been many rainbows this month- such a wonderful reminder of God's Promises
 Certificate given to us during time of "Good-byes" to Antanosy leaders


  1. Congratulations on Phoebe and Josh's engagement!
    I pray for you and your family pretty much every day. I appreciate the new prayer targets.
    I love hearing how you're serving.


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