This past month has been an adaptation into the new normal.  I think we aren't the only ones that found ourselves filling up our days and calendars with new normal.  Our routine sped up, slowed down, and went into hyper-speed.  In all of that we just found ways to get back to the basics and enjoy the normal pulse of life.  We have needed to learn new things yet still act with precision in our daily life.  In order to do that we schedule out time for the Lord, school/job, exercise, and family. Eating takes place all day long.  haha.

Our day to day lives are very different than they used to be and now with Covid-19 actually being present in the city where we live in, things have forced us to live out each day with a precision that wasn't quite needed before.  There are many restrictions in place that force us to learn new behavioral norms.  We are very fortunate and thankful that despite these restrictions we feel safe.

One of the things that has been on our minds here lately is the need to do what is right.  We have been heart-broken for the events taking place in the USA and even around the world.  We are saddened for the division we see but even more for the lack of people standing up for good in the midst of chaos.  We film disorder yet do nothing to stop it.  Then, as a society we seem to enjoy it by re-posting things millions of times.  One of the things that we (our family) are desiring to see is for people to act on what is right/correct and stand for those things.  Now, we have seen some good that people have done but we (our family) know that it also starts with our hearts and lives and how we treat others and stand up for truth.

Standing up for truth begins in the little things that we do.  It is hard to continue to compromise our morals on little things and then expect to stand up for good on the bigger things of life. We will be disappointed.  We (followers of Christ especially) should be ready to act for justice and live out God's righteousness in our lives and in how we treat others.  The passage in James 4:17 keeps coming to my mind:  "So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin" (ESV).  We (our family) have desired to be seen as faithful in the little things as much as we are in the big things.  So, that means abiding according to the rules of our company, the laws in place in our city of residence, and how we treat each other day in and day out.  We know that making a good habit of standing for truth and justice now will help us when chaos arises.  The simple truth is that if one knows the right thing to do and yet chooses to not do that then that individual is living in disobedience.  We don't want to be people living in blatant disobedience (big or small).

So today, let us all choose to do what is right.  Let us all treat each other with love and respect.  Let us all be slow to speak and ready to listen to others.  The world is suffering greatly right now and it needs all of us to stand up for Truth.

Prayer Request:
Favor in our visa situation and upcoming potential move.
Baylee and River as they do school
Phoebe and Emma to stay safe and ready to get back to work and school as things open up
The Malagasy people as they are suffering with hunger and a lack of resources during Covid-19.
For rain in the South of Madagascar and that they can have a good crop
Wisdom for us as we live out this new role in the imb

We are all still safe and doing well
The Malagasy brothers and sisters in Christ are still going strong and sharing the Gospel and training up disciples.
We had over 50 people baptized last month by our Malagasy Brothers and Sisters in Christ
The Lord has provided some aide for us to share with others from generous donors and our own monies over the past month.
We have transitioned into our new role within the imb

Faithful Brothers and Sisters in Christ

 Potential cure for Covid-19 Malagasy style (Wormwood/Artemisia Tea)

 Providing some rice and money

 Helping with mask and clean water (hand-washing)

 Dry river

 What really matters.  Teaching God's Word and standing on His promises

 Providing help and going through our things to pass on to others

Puppy love and play times

Measuring furniture for the potential move


  1. Thank you for the update. I appreciate the specific items for prayer. Blessings on your move.


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