As everyone else on this planet we have been impacted by Covid-19 and the restrictions it has put into place.  This past month to say the least has been weird.  It is hard to imagine that April has come and gone, and we really didn’t leave the house (besides essential trips).  Before all of this you would have told us, we are lazy and we are not doing our job, and we probably would be close to trouble in the IMB or at least on a trip to see a counselor for why we aren’t leaving the house.  Today, we are praised and all of us that have been sheltering in place are looking like heroes.  Perspective changes so much.

Now to be fair, we have not just sat around eating chips and doing nothing but binge-watching useless TV shows and movies.  We have done some of that to be honest with you, but we have done our best to use this extra time wisely.  We have attempted to keep a routine to how our day looks (homeschool, studies, physical activity, meals and family time) but modified it to meet the current life demands.  Interestingly, we have found a comfort in this routine.  It is not what we would have chosen.  Truly, we can’t wait to break this behavior modification and be on the go again.  But with change comes modification and we have modified our attitudes, hearts, spirits and actions.  More importantly, the Lord has modified us as well.

April was a big month as it pertained to so many things.  Adam had a B-day, we had some important meetings planned, we were planning on a seed distribution, we had bush trips and trainings planned for some other units, we had some Bible studies and churches to visit and encourage.  When we put things down on the calendar last November (2019), April was a key month for all that is to come.  So, instead of doing anything that was planned we re-adjusted things and we became a little more proficient in Microsoft Word, Office 365 and especially One-Note, we have probably read and listened to nearly 10 books on subject-matter related to our new position in the imb, charted out documents and resources to pass to everyone replacing us.  Hopefully, we are leaving things better than we found them and providing more information than we received.  We also took advantage of workout time and playing with our kids.  For the first time in Adam’s life he has enjoyed watching a form of church on a screen (Thank you Covid-19). 

Now, we have done what we can ministry wise.  We have worked on some sermons and teachings online, provided guidance for church leaders as it comes to Easter services, made masks and distributed them, provided a little food for over 3000 people (from a few gifts from you guys and from our personal money), trained some in cp work and provided over 50 little bags of rice with some money to those in need around us.  As you can see, we aren’t sitting still but we have modified how, when, where and with whom we do things.  

So, as a new normal comes tomorrow prepare yourself in a manner that will allow you to bring Glory and Honor to the Lord.  Know He is in charge and our job is to simply trust and obey.

  • Madagascar is handling this crisis as well as can be done with limited cases thus far island wide.
  • The Lord has been guiding and directing us through His Word and providing new opportunities to grow.
  • Baylee and River are enjoying homeschool for now.
  • There were baptisms and some good reports from Androy land this month.
Prayer Request:
  • Phoebe and Emma to finish their semesters well and to find jobs and other needs for the summer.
  • Baylee is doing homeschool and she doesn't really enjoy it 
  • For us to remain patient and focused on the Lord
  • For the many needs everyone has.  Financial issues, food shortages, crop failures, nobody working and the challenges that brings.
  • Wisdom on how to truly help and not just to do something.
  • Future decisions that need to be made

 Adam's B day cake (Yummy)
 Baylee and River

 preparing food packets and rice bags


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