“Live by Faith and Not by Sight” (2 Corinthians 5:7)

We have to say that how this past month started and how it ended was unexpected.  We never imagined what would take place.  We were aware of the happenings around the world but the progression of how things took place and at the pace was unprecedented.  Needless to say, we are in the same boat as the rest of the world.  Our month started with ministry events and was supposed to end with ministry events and lots of trips.  However, not everything went as planned.  The good news is that seems to be daily missionary life. Ha-ha.  We were so blessed to be able to share the Word of God in the South of Madagascar and be a part of a training in Antananarivo with some good friends.  We had family come (taking a lot of precautions on the trip) and visit and in the middle of their visit life changed greatly.

To put things into perspective, are family arrived to visit us and life was normal.  We even met the President of Madagascar by chance and none of us (including the President) knew what would happen over the next four days.  This time with family was very special and encouraging for us all but finished full of stress as we didn’t know how they were going to get back home.  Praise the Lord they are all healthy (No issues) and back in the USA finishing up a 14-day self-quarantine.  In the middle of this chaos, Baylee’s boarding school in Kenya wisely made a decision to send the students home early and thanks to Suzie working pro-actively she arrived just before borders started closing and had no issues coming into Madagascar.

Once Baylee arrived life went at a thousand miles an hour pace.  We had semester student missionaries that we ended up needing to get back to the States and other units in limbo all over the place.  One week felt like two months.  It wasn’t a lack of faith per say but a lack of order and being able to control any of the situations we were seeking to remedy.  Countries, airlines and cities were changing their plans quicker than we could keep up and then we would go back to the drawing board again.  Praise the Lord we have measures in a place that we feel confident everyone can be safe.  Also, just to clarify we are safe and sound in Fort Dauphin and seeking ways to help without causing issues.

So, this is where we have set our hearts on the Lord and seen Him bring peace and increase our faith in Him.  Clearly, He has worked many things out that we don’t have space to share right now.  It is clear that He worked His power and showed that He alone is Sovereign.  Our hearts are at ease but burdened for those around us and around the world.  We don’t want to cause anyone to get the virus, so we are self-isolating at home and going out (one of us) just a few times a week to buy essential items. With that we are trying to help by providing some food, hand washing stations, and ways of teaching God’s Word in a new way so that people can be encouraged.  We do want to say to us all that this is a tough time, but it is not the time to stop giving and helping others.  We should never freeze our pocketbooks for being able to share the Love of Christ.  Shame on any of us that would care more about self than their neighbors including us (our family).  We must support churches, missionaries and these individuals must be at the forefront of providing love, aide, and living in a way that respects authority.  We are telling you that the needs are more than we can provide for, but we must be doers and not just hearers.  Some have frozen non-essential funds and aren’t actively providing aide.  So, we have split this personal paycheck in half to provide aide in helping others.  We are blessed by the Lord and many have blessed us over the years without us asking.  The question for us all, is are we willing to suffer a little for the good of others?  So today we give simple suggestions of how you can help us all.
·      Stay at home 
·      Pray continuously
·      Continue to grow in your walk with the Lord by taking advantage of new resources and old resources you have
·      Give to your local church, food pantries, mission organizations and other essential organizations providing aide.
·      Look out for the less fortunate around you and make a plan to help them without causing harm.  (Where protective gear when preparing their packets and serving others)
·      Share the why to the hope that is within you (1 Peter 3:15)
·      Encourage others with messages, phone calls, video calls, etc.…
·      Save your criticism for later. 
·      Live in a spirit of Thanksgiving

With Love and Thanksgiving

Adam, Suzie, Phoebe, Emma, Baylee, and River Hailes

  • Baylee is back at home
  • The Lord provided for our family and other families during transition back to places
  • We have been encouraged by other believers and churches 
  • God is on His throne

Prayer Request:
  • For the corona virus to just go away
  • We need wisdom on best ways and practices to provide help to others
  • Safety for our family and others
  • For families and students to adjust to the new temporary normal

 Adam preaching at church
 Family time at the Lemur Park
 Sad to have to see Maddy and Kayla go home and canceling the sports league
 Training in Tana
 Providing a little bit of help
 The Lord is still changing hearts baptisms in Amboasary
 Suzie working to help others
 Thanks to all who have stepped up to help!
 Pray for Places like this market that are how people live daily here.  May the Lord keep this virus from spreading


  1. I've been praying for all of you for a few years. Since this virus business started I was concerned about Bailey and am relieved she is home. Glad to know all is well, relatively speaking for all of you. I, too am concerned about those who are stopping their financial support out of fear of personal finances. I remain committed.
    God bless.


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