Well we have lived an extremely busy month of August.  The Lord has done great things and He has encouraged and helped us stay healthy as we have been on the go.  Most of the work we do in Androy land involves driving or walking through sand.  Many times it is thick sand that takes a lot of effort to get through.  We are thankful that we have strong vehicles with four-wheel drive to help us make it through the rough terrain.  Walking through the sand is difficult and we are thankful to have learned what shoes to wear over the years so as to not weigh ourselves down.  Anyone that has been on any of these trips with us knows the difficulties of trekking through the sand.  Not only is it thick but it gets really hot.  We have had the entire soles of our shoes melt off before as we went walking through the sand.  Needless to say we have learned a lot about dealing with sand.

Driving on thick sand is very difficult and one must learn to be ready to stop or move over early for oncoming traffic.  Normally we are driving down one-lane roads.  We have had multiple scares of trying to climb up a sandy patch to only have it push us back towards the vehicles coming our way.  Much like driving through ice or snow it just takes you in a direction you weren't planning on going.  It seems like life does the same to us.  We feel like we are rolling along well but once we make a change in movement we get kicked around and a little scared.  Church planting comes with many kicks and adjustments in life.

One of the greatest lessons we have learned about planting multiple churches is that once things get rolling a change of course brings with it some reactionary actions.  These aren't always bad but to get off the track of success leads to stalling out and at times having severe consequences to the overall physical, spiritual and emotional health of the church.  We have learned some markers or attitudes that can lead to these faults but we also are learning that we teach, train and equip but must depend on others to make the right choices at some point.  We must trust that the foundation set is going to be able to withhold whatever will come.  Thankfully, our God is bigger than us and He is continuing to pour out His grace and mercy upon us all.  We are also thankful that God in his grace allows others to get back onto the safe tracks to keep moving forward.

Adam had a good bush trip and new areas are growing in their walk with the Lord
Baylee is at RVA safely
Phoebe and Emma have begun school and are doing well
New units are doing well and we have new ones arriving.

Prayer Request:
A new school year for all of our kids.  Phoebe (TAMU), Emma (UMHB), Baylee (RVA) and River (Ecole Frances)
We have several important trips happening this month.
Baker and Lee families arriving on the island
Unity and clear vision for FBBM and CEIM conventions.
Sprankle family and their new role.

 In front of the famous Baobab in Mahajanga

 Adam sharing with CEIM leadership team

 We celebrated another wedding anniversary

 Enjoyed having Emory Baptist Church with us.
 New church building for us to see
 Some food at a bush restaurant

 J-Film time thanks to new projector from RBC-Commerce

 Suzie helped train and administer a language exam

Baylee is starting High school
We saw Emma off again


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