Living out one’s life for Jesus is not easy.  We live in a world where many people cheapen a walk with Jesus by not accurately displaying the truth of who He is.  We ourselves are guilty of leading others astray.  We understand what it means to be a person whose lips out do their actions.  Especially in our teenage years.  We look back and have many things we would change about how we did things.  In particular we wish we could have displayed a more spiritually disciplined and accurate life that truly reflects who Christ is and what He has done in our lives.  With that said, it should be of no surprise that we are very serious about seeing people live out truth in how they talk, act and live each day. 

The mission field is never easy, and we find ourselves seeking to see the Lord grow true disciples that will reflect Him and His glory.  We see many victories in our brothers and sisters in Christ in how they live out their faith.  We also see many struggling and trying to understand what this really means.  The hardest part for us is when leaders who should know better find themselves deliberately/non deliberately living in sin.  One of the things we are always seeking to figure out is how do we truly demonstrate grace and yet protect the integrity of the holiness of God?  His Word guides us to pursue after Him and His righteousness.  This in turn helps us see that how we live our lives truly represents God and how others will see Him.  We desire to be gracious yet set a high standard for those that are following after Christ.

We aren't seeking to see perfect people, but we do seek to see men and women including ourselves whom will live lives of accuracy that are true to the Word of God.  We don't want to just be a good old' boy or girl but someone that will stand for Truth when no one else will all at the same time serving the very least.  We believe that as we live out Christ we will also learn to love, serve, protect, and guide others according to the standards of the Bible and the example that Christ Jesus gave us as he lived here on earth.  May this month be a month of accuracy in reflecting God's patience with others.

The Lord is continuing to call people unto Himself.
Phoebe made it back to the US safely
The Fredenberg's finished their term well.
We are seeing Leaders rise up and lead out
We have seen God take challenges and help us become stronger

Prayer Request:
Emma will be returning back to the USA
Travels for Adam and Suzie as there are many events happening
Baylee as she starts high school at RVA
FBC Emory is coming to do a trip.
For our hearts to be steady in the midst of change

 Celebrating 21 Years of marriage

 Fun Time at the trampoline park in SA

 Getting to go on a little game drive in SA

 Family minus Emma here


Getting there isn't always easy


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