Well, we have just finished up a busy month.  Busy but one where we are able to see progress.  We are thankful for teams that come in and help with the labor and the encouragement they are to us and to our Malagasy Brothers and Sisters in Christ.  We don't think that we can adequately tell you all that the Lord has done but we will attempt to summarize some ideas and thoughts.  Needless to say, the Lord has worked things out for His Namesake and glory and despite a few hiccups we were able to pull off a lot of things.

We do love short-term teams that come in to help with the work.  This month we hosted two volunteer teams and another team of media guys.  The first team came in to help us with Theological education.  We were able to train over 70 key leaders in Prayer, Christian Ethics and in Leadership according to the Epistles.  The students enjoyed the classes, and all seemed to have done well on the exams.  What has really struck us all is how much the students are still discussing and applying the lessons to their own lives and also to the churches and Bible study groups they lead.  We are seeing the Lord convict of sin, give clear guidance and direction, and provide answers to difficult questions. One example is guys willing to walk more now so that they can continue to pray as they go.  The same team separated out and did some ministry days that we know have impacted many and has allowed the Gospel to keep progressing forward into the darkness.

The second team went out with us to a key town that we are seeing the Lord open up for His Kingdom purpose.  It is a long way to get out there, but the Lord showed up.  New followers of Christ have come along, and new areas are seeking to grow in their walk with the Lord so that they can also see churches in their villages.  We have never seen some things move as quickly as they did during this time out.  It was also exciting to see places that have grown up in the Lord and are beginning to stand strong in Him.  The team was back in FD for Madagascar's Independence Day and we enjoyed seeing the people celebrate.  We then went out to another area and worked in some existing areas of ministry and also visited new ones.  The Lord is really doing a great thing!

We also have been together as a family of six for this past month.  With all the activities it was hard to really relish in the fact that we were together for a month.  The Lord allowed Phoebe and Emma to use their one covered by the IMB trip back to the field.  We are so thankful for the times we had.  Now Phoebe is on her way back and Emma will be here a bit longer, but the family is separating out again.  All we can really do is just thank the Lord for the little times and things He provides for us.


  • Travel has gone okay
  • Cars are hanging in there
  • God is calling people to Himself
  • We were together as a family of six
  • Teams

Prayer Request:

  • Hearts to stay pure
  • Workers for the harvest fields
  • Roads to improve
  • Travel safeties for many


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