Life Pains

We have to say that this last month didn’t go as planned.  We had so many setbacks and disappointments that it really made us question why we are even in Madagascar.  Coming back to the field is never easy and though we came back in the first part of March Adam has really only been home for a few weeks.  That means fixing and repairing lots of things on our vehicle and house to make sure things will last for the foreseeable future. All on top of the regular duties of life and missions.  This has left us feeling like we have stretched ourselves out pretty thin.  For anyone that knows us we are all in type of people and work towards excellence but at times we have so many irons in the fire that we don’t feel like we are doing anything well.  Now throw in some curveballs that life in Mada gives and you have some knockdown punches that landed.

We have taken the blows and didn’t always respond with the best attitude.  Some examples are as follows.  The never-ending list of things breaking in our home and in other homes has increased.  The vehicle decided to start having issues during our big bush trip.  We weren’t two and half hours down the road and the brakes started smoking.  Then we had 2ndand 3rdgears go out and spent a week waiting on parts and repairs.  Adam’s back went out and he was unable to do anything effective around the house or ministry wise for several days.  It has rained almost every day, so it makes certain task around town and in the bush that much harder.  We have been getting updates on good and bad things happening in ministry areas around us.  We have probably hit our limit of people asking for help (over 250 people this last month).  It never ends and it is so hard to know that you can’t give anymore knowing the needs are so great.  We have friends leaving the field and we are processing our emotions while trying to be supportive.  We will be honest and say that when Adam’s back went out again, we started wondering if we can even do our job.  We asked God why He allowed us to come back if we can’t even accomplish what He desires for us to do.  We even got on to see which churches are looking for pastors or staff members.

Well despite all of this, the Lord has been good to us.  He has allowed us to develop new relationships and to learn new levels of patience we didn’t think we had.  We have seen our family grow in love for one another and help each other out. Especially Suzie has gone above and beyond her normal responsibilities these past months.  She has pushed herself to extreme levels of stress and has come out a champ thanks to the Lord’s help.  We have seen the Lord work things in His timing and force us to pull back a little from what we desire.  He has given us grace and our brothers and sisters in Christ whom we have yet to see have been very understanding.  One example is how the Lord gave us some new relationships.  One day Adam went to the garage to watch and check on car repairs.  While there he met some other men from around town.  We had a meeting that evening and since we didn’t have a vehicle we were going to walk and catch a taxi if we saw one.  As we left the house and started down the road, one of the men Adam met that morning saw us and stopped and offered us a ride into town.  We had had a spiritual conversation that morning and it continued that evening.  It was neat to see how God allowed a break down for us so that we could encounter this man and his family to be able to share a little with him about God’s plans and how He works.  We hope to see the Lord do more in that relationship.

We have all the family together again in FD for a short season of life
The Landcruiser is running much better
The Lord has worked despite the setbacks
River and Baylee are doing well in school.

Prayer Request:
Pray for the seminary training taking place next week with 70 leaders present
Pray for our hearts to stay settled and focused on Christ
Pray for our family time to be precious even though it will be very busy
Pray for short-term teams coming that they will have no major issues in their travels
Pray for our other units in FD and around the island

 The Cruiser on the way back from a bush trip

 Thankful to be able to provide Bibles and Audio machines

 Baylee and Suzie walking out to Ascension day gathering


 Phoebe and Emma arrived!

 Car Problems

Prayer time at Church

 This church added on to its building.  Triple the size now

 Proof Adam was there

Gifted some chickens.


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