We always think of the passage in Amos 7:7 when we think of looking at the work of the Lord here in Madagascar. It seems that we are constantly in awe of how the Lord is doing something beyond our wildest dreams or at least on a completely different timeline then what we thought.  This is always so humbling and amazing to see. We also find that we are accountable for how we do things.  We are just servants of the Lord Jesus Christ and we are living in desperate need of Him working in and through us.  The temptation so many times is to try and do things our way.  We become the expert and we know what is best but so many times in those seasons of life we find the Lord teaching us lessons about how little we actually depend on Him.  He sets that plumb line on our life and the ministry we are attempting to do for Him and He finds us lacking.  We find that our ways will never measure up to His ways. 

The good news is that we do serve a gracious God.  He has been so patient with us and for some unknown reason allows us to see His mighty hand do great things.  Our prayer for what we desire to see the Lord do here in Madagascar is that He would just make us a small footnote or nothing at all as we see Him do great things. Our prayer is that the foundation of the work is Christ and that as we build on Christ it is always pointing to the Father, the Holy Scriptures and filled with the Holy Spirit.  Thus, as we have seen Him do historic things we can only pause and humble ourselves before His mighty hand (1 Peter5:6) and ask of Him to use us again for His glory in His timing and as He sees fit.  We thank Him for the team He has given us and for many who have gone before us and have served Him faithfully.  We thank Him for our Malagasy Brothers and Sisters in Christ who serve Him so faithfully.  May we continue to see Him accomplish His will for Madagascar.

This past month has been extremely busy.  We have been in a lot of meetings but also rejoiced for how the Lord has allowed us to serve many different individuals in a unique way.  As a family we enjoyed our time in South Africa.  We can’t say we had a restful meeting, but we had a joyful time with dear friends.  Adam also spent a couple of weeks in Tana and in a couple of other places in Madagascar. He also was part of the FBBM pastors retreat and able to help co-teach for the seminary and Bible school leaders. It was a blessing to be with those brothers and sisters in Christ.  Suzie has maintained the house during Adam's absence for over one month.  She also was able to help our new unit in Fort Dauphin begin to get settled.  Baylee is hard at work in Home school and River will be getting back to French school here soon.

Prayer Request:
  • Pray for a spirit of Unity 
  • Pray for River to adjust well to French school 
  • Pray for Mozambique and Zimbabwe and the cyclone recovery
  • Pray for upcoming trips to encourage the Lord churches
  • Pray for good health and safety on the roads
  • Pray for Phoebe and Emma to finish this College semester well and that they would make really good grades
  • Pray for our refrigerator to get fixed or for the extra money needed to replace it if necessary. (The Lord will provide)
  • Pray for our families in the USA.
  • Pray for friends who have had Malaria

  • We had safe travel to and from many different places
  • The Garduce family is in Fort Dauphin and settling well
  • The work continues to grow even during our absence
  • Vehicles have been repaired and we should be able to get back out to the bush
  • The Lord is opening new opportunities and mending broken relationships.
  • Baylee and River seem to be adjusting well
  • Adam had a good birthday and was blessed with another year of life
  • We have the first recognized FBBM Antandroy church 

 River and new to us puppy dog "Jetta"

 Pastor Jonoro's church on Easter Sunday

 We live in a beautiful place

 Going on small plane to new places

 Suzie, Baylee and River on Easter (Adam was gone this year)
 Recognizing the great Brett and Katelyn during our meeting

 Lion Park day!

 Fort Dauphin clan minus Adam

 Antandroy churches gathering on their own for training and mutual encouragement

Adam sharing during one of his many trips


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