Full February

February was a FULL month.  As I scroll through pictures, I’m reminded of God’s blessings and goodness in all things.

Here are a couple highlights:

*Adam had wonderful meetings with convention leaders and seminaries as we continue seeking to unite as an island for the spread of the unadulterated Gospel of Christ.  Others have gone before Adam in these efforts to unite the island, but this month he visited two seminaries, each with about 7-12 students and joined in for a few hours at a meeting of seminary leaders in Madagascar’s Baptist Convention, FBB (Fiangonana Batista Biblika).  He mainly listened to hear the hearts of these leaders that have been working for years to encourage the church and develop more leaders.  It is obvious that the Lord is moving all over the island. There is excitement in the air as the Spirit is moving and uniting His children to do His work!

*Suzie started meeting weekly with five Malagasy ladies and her missionary sister, Diana. They’re studying the Bible, specifically qualities of a Christian woman.  They’re in Ephesians now and will move into Titus soon.  Everyone, including Suzie, has been encouraged by this time.  One of these ladies has been in the hospital for almost two weeks.  Would you pray that they will treat her accurately and she will recover and regain her strength?  Her name is Vololona.

*Adam got to visit Emma over her midterm break and stay to see her all dressed up and looking beautiful for Banquet at her boarding school.  If you missed the pictures on Facebook, see the picture below or in the attachment of the email version of this update.

*The four of us, Adam, Suzie, Baylee and River, met up in Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar, and made the 11-hour drive to Manakara, a city in the Rainforest, where we could visit teammates and join them in some of their ministry.  It was a sweet, sweet time seeing the day-to-day life of our mission family-friends and just spending some time with them.

*Suzie and Baylee just wrapped up a trip to South Africa where they managed to make it to six doctor’s appointments and get Baylee’s new glasses and medicine from the pharmacy.  It was a hectic two days, but worth it for some first world culture treats.  They ate McDonald’s and saw a movie at the movie theater.


*The busy schedule of travel should slow down for a few days.  We’ve made it safely from place to place in various directions.

*God is uniting hearts across the island to spread the Gospel.

*Our health has improved.  Thank you for your prayers!!

Prayer Requests:

*Vololona- national partner, at the hospital

*Guidance in scheduling upcoming trips.  Specifically pray for the plans to come together for our Madagascar IMB Missionary Prayer Retreat coming up in April.

*Emma- as she wraps up Term 2 and goes on an interim trip where she’ll learn to sail.

*River- as he starts school for a few months before we come to the States.
 Adam got to spend midterm with Emma and stay for Banquet 2018
 Adam sharing in the Rainforest
 Seminary students from all over Madagascar at the CEFIO in Antananarivo
 Emma playing ball
 Suzie sharing the Father's Heart
 The new "Gasy Ladies' Bible study"
 Spending time with the Southeast (Rainforest) Team 
Short stop at an amazing waterfall in the Rainforest


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