Even to Odd but Same Job

As we start up a New Year we have found ourselves looking ahead while at the same time looking back.  This has been healthy, encouraging and discouraging, challenging, and full of hope for us.  We have been amazed at how the Lord has done so many amazing things among the people groups here in the South of Madagascar.  In particular how He has allowed us to be a part of His work among the Tandroy and Tanosy peoples.  As we see His hand at work we continuously find ourselves being humbled as we are so unworthy of the many blessings that He has poured out on us.  Not just with some of the fruits of ministry but with the love given, kindness shown and prayers prayed on our behalf.  We are most definitely unworthy of it all.  So as we close out this even year of 2016 and enter into an odd year of 2017 we say to you all that our job hasn't changed.  Our desire is to make much of Jesus Christ the King of Kings and to see His Kingdom come.  So as we push forward we turn our eyes, thoughts, dreams and needs upon Him who can do more than we ever thought or imagined.  To Him be the Glory and Honor!

What Happened in 2016:

The number of leaders in Androy and Tanosy Regions increased.  We now have 90+ leaders living out their faith.
The number of churches has increased.  We now have 14 churches meeting in the Androy and Tanosy Regions.
The number of believers involved in Bible Study has increased by over 300 in both regions.
We have provided aide through school supplies, Bibles, food and training for over 1300 people in both regions.
We had leaders disappoint us and fall into temptation
We had major health issues arise and questioned if we could complete the year
We have spent too much time worrying about how the future will work. (Money, college for kids, job security, cars for kiddos as they go off to college, the work here in general, health)
We saw the team in Fort Dauphin deplete to only our family left do to different reasons
We have felt overwhelmed and incapable of doing the job alone without any other IMB units with us
Had wonderful Hands On students come and serve alongside us.
We were able to visit family and friends in the US thanks to a training that was not on the calendar at the beginning of the year.
God provided GCC Teammates
God has been good!

How can you pray for 2017:

Leaders to stay founded on the Word of God.
New leaders to rise-up
Churches to plant other churches
Finances for it all
Our health to get better and for continued health
Phoebe as she graduates High School and begins life at TAMU
Emma to finish her Junior year well
Baylee to find new friends here in Fort Dauphin
River to continue to grow in knowledge and wisdom of God
For our GCC teammates the Karyuki's and Diana
SoMad team members to live out justice, love compassion and to follow God with humble hearts
New Team members to come from within the IMB

Thanks for everything!

 Phoebe and Emma back to RVA and Baylee got to go to Camp

 Were privileged to serve alongside these two young ladies

 Made special memories while we were all together

 Enjoyed a hot Christmas

 Trained leaders and got updates on the work in Androy and Tanosy lands

 River is 3!!!

 We fed our national partners American food.  It's an acquired taste for them

Helped and attended the wedding at our local church


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