We have had a great month of ministry and seeing the Lord at work.  It seems hard to believe that the Lord has done all that has been accomplished in just one month.  We are so thankful for how He is working and we desire to give Him all the glory and the honor for all the good things that are happening here in the South of Madagascar.  We have reached five years of service with the IMB and we are reminded many times of why we came here in the first place.  We have been reminded of the urgency to see the Lord do great things. 

Thus, we do find ourselves living under pressure.  We feel it in many different ways but one of the issues we face is how much time do we really have to work here in Madagascar?  How long will the Lord wait until He comes again?  The answer is simply that we don't know.  We just seek to be faithful to the gift he gives us each day here on earth.  We also are people of vision, planning and strategy.  We want to do things at the right time, for the right reasons and to make much of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.  We also just don't want to follow commercialized methods of ministry but be sensitive to the Holy Spirit's leading.  So we find ourselves asking this question:  If we knew Christ was coming back in six months what would we do differently?  We hope and pray that many things would be the same but there are also little simple daily actions that we would absolutely change.  We believe that we are in a very important season of seeing the Lord's work flourish.  We have more leaders trained, more believers, more baptisms, and more churches than ever before here in the South of Mada but there is so much more to do.  We haven't even begun to shatter the silence.

We were able to watch the final of the Copa America and see the penalty kick shootout.  We as Argentina fans were ecstatic when Romero stopped the first Chilean PK but then we as so many others were just speechless as we saw the best player in the world miss his kick.  It was evident that he stepped up there wanting to make the kick not just for himself but for all the Argentines.  The inner-pressure and the external pressures were just too much and he over did it.  In our ministry here in the South of Madagascar we just have to remember to be faithful in the moment.  We don't do things for our church, convention, family, friends or even ourselves.  We do them to make much of Jesus Christ.  We don't want to step beyond where the Spirit of God is moving.  We don't want to over do it or under do it.  We have to trust that God is in control and that He will work things out according to His good, perfect and pleasing will.  We have to remember that it is not about us but it is us just being willing to take those steps of faith that will allow God's Kingdom and His will to come here on earth as in heaven.

The trainings in Fort Dauphin went very well.  People have been taking what they learned and are sharing and training up others.
Phoebe and Emma have finished up another school year
We had a safe bush trip.
We have some teammates from different organizations joining us

Prayer Request:
For our national partners to stay founded in the Lord and willing to share and train others
The famine in the Madagascar and Sub-Saharan Africa
Baylee as she starts 6th grade
New career teammates to join us here in the South of Madagascar.  We will be working alone for a while.

Teaching out in Beloha

Visited a new village and cast vision and shared out of Mark 1

Praising God for time with the Kayiuki's.  They are a neat couple

 Closing Ceremonies of SWBTS Class

Serve to Lead
 Gathering to Head out and share


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