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Happy New Year!  We have entered 2016 and we have so much to be thankful for.  This past year 2015 was a tough year for us as a family overall.  Many transitions, heartaches, struggles but with many wonderful works done by the Father of which we give praise to Him and Him alone.  We desire to give you some numbers of what the Lord has done over this past year (2015) with us and our teammates here in the South of Madagascar (SoMad Team).  However, we do want to remind you all that these are much more than numbers.  They are people who have been changed by the Father.  They are grandparents, parents, children, youth, healthy people, sick people, rich, poor, hurting, etc... Each number represents someone special and we are thankful that the Lord has allowed us to have a part in their lives.  The Lord is Great and Greatly to be praised and so as we look back please know there are names, faces, and stories behind each number. Also, these numbers are what we as M's have personally been a part of and it doesn't include what our wonderful national partners have done on their own without us.

8500 + people have heard a Gospel presentation.
600 + people have been changed by the Grace of God through placing their faith in Him and are now followers of Christ.
100+ people have been baptized (believers baptism/full submersion) this year.
We now have over 27 places meeting that are intending to become churches.
Around 650 people are meeting weekly in churches and in various preaching points.
We are personally mentoring over 30 Malagasy believers to  keep up the Lord's work.
Over 200 people have received training in Church planting, theology, and community development.

What an amazing way to look back and see all that the Lord has done.  We are thankful to Him first and foremost and for all of our teammates who have had a part in these numbers.  We have a great team here and we all just desire to make much of our Father.

This new year will have many new challenges and obstacles.  We have felt the effects of all the hard work we have put in and ask the Lord to strengthen and encourage us all as we push ahead.  We ask just a few things from you all for 2016.
  • Don't forget us. 
  • Pray for us
  • Encourage us
  • Give to missions through your local church,, special gifts to our ministry or contact us personally on how to give in a way that continues His work around the world.
  • Come and join us or support a training project for 2016.
  • Be Faithful to God right where you are at.
Finally we pray everyone has a blessed 2016 and we hope that this year we will all focus on unveiling the truths of God and less about unveiling the next conspiracy act that will take place.

 Hope you had a Merry Christmas and have a Great 2016!

 So thankful for these guys.  Praying for them as they move to the next adventure

 New Church Building

 River Saying Hi

 Chicken Catchers

Helping Others


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