Exciting Days Ahead

There are certain moments in life and especially in ministry that we don’t deserve to get.  We work expecting God to do great things but we know that it is only by His grace and mercy that we will see those things come to pass.  Well this upcoming month is one of those months which makes us be excited about how the Lord is going to allow us to see His hands have been at work here in the South of Madagascar.  We can only say that to Him be all the glory and we pray that we have many more months like this one coming.  It is so amazing to think that the Lord is dong such amazing things.

So what is this month going to hold for us?  Well simply put we have the potential to see our churches in Androy land double, number of baptized believers double and we believe that we will see more be called to Salvation in Christ Jesus.  Our teammates had a wonderful last trip out to the bush and the Lord has been working on people’s hearts to have a desire to let their faith in Christ be known to everyone.  Some who have been waiting a long time and others who are recent followers of Christ are ready to be baptized.  The main issue we have had is that we have had no rain and no water in areas where we work.  The Lord has sent rain and many others have said they are willing to make the two to three hour walk to the ocean because they are ready to make their faith in Christ Jesus  known to the world. 

This event for a Sothern Baptist Church planter is like super-bowl Sunday.  The excitement to see baptisms in five different locations that we have been pouring our lives and hearts into is Christmas for us.  Many times we don’t know if we are making a difference but getting little glimpses like these just motivates us for what is to come.  Even greater than the events coming is that all of these groups are already reproducing themselves in multiple locations and the Lord is using them to bring others to Him.

The events to come we hope and pray are the solidification of three new churches and the potential for a fourth.  Having baptized believers is an essential for us and seeing the local believers taking this step of obedience and beginning to take ownership for the Lord’s work by seeing and covenanting themselves as a local church just makes us stand in awe of how good our God is.  The task ahead is still difficult and we have so many more training sessions and teachings to give but we are thankful to God that we now have to focus on continuing to train up the Malagasy people in the Lord’s Word and empowering them to take ownership of the work that He is doing here in Madagascar. 
  • Suzie and River had a wonderful trip to Kenya and enjoyed loving on Phoebe and Emma
  • We had baptisms again here in Fort Dauphin and we will be having more on November 8
  • The Training session with our local pastors went very well and we are seeing the Lord give them passion for the task at hand
  • We were able to start our school supply distribution to 200 students
Prayer Request:
  • For safety as we make a long bush trip and for the baptisms that will be taking place out in the bush
  • For wisdom to know when, how, where to work, share and provide help.
  • For the Malagasy believers to stand strong in the midst of persecution.
  • That we will see our number of churches and preaching points continue to multiply.
 Baptism in Fort Dauphin
 River and Baylee lazy afternoon
 School Supplies


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