Encourage One Another

One of the things that we have found that really energizes us here in the States is having the privilege to share about the Lord's work around the world and in Madagascar with the local churches and individuals.  It has been truly amazing to see the genuine excitement that people have for what God is doing.  We hear so many negative things at times that it seems like we just forget to stop and encourage one another on this journey.  We have found that in this world we live in we are quick to judge and speak all the things we find wrong.  We eat it up and post about it all.  Very rarely do we actually focus on things that are good, noble, worthy of sharing with others, etc.. You all know the verse in Philippians 4.  Thus, we want to say a heartfelt thank you to all of you that have so warmly received us and loved on us.  We have been encouraged by you all and are so grateful for all of the support we receive.  We are so thankful that we have found so many people who have faithfully been praying for us.  You help us know that we have support and that we can continue on serving faithfully in Madagascar.  The church in the US has things to work on but it is also doing some things well and the majority of people truly desire to see God glorified here and around the world.

We pray that you have truly been encouraged by what the Lord is doing.  We pray that you have found that we don't desire to bring glory to ourselves but to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. We also pray that you have been able to see that there are so many people faithfully serving the Lord around the world.  People are waiting to hear and the Lord has chosen to use us all to go and reach the unreached.  We are shattering the silence one day at a time.  God is doing something great in Madagascar and around the globe.  How awesome is it that we are all a part of His great plan to bring Glory to Himself.

Prayer Request:
For the work in Mada and our teammates
For our travels as we go and share
For our medical clearance to come quickly
For our time left here in the States
For the events that are making times really hard for people in Madagascar

We have had some wonderful times while sharing
We have had safety on the roads
The girls are doing well at LCCS
God provided some rain in Androy land.

 Girls Sharing

 College Days
 He Loves Music


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