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As many know we are back in the USA!  Well at least for a few months.  We arrived back in time for Thanksgiving and have had a wonderful time of visiting family and friends.  Life has stayed busy.  We have had the privilege to share at many churches and different groups.  It has absolutely been amazing to see the love and support you all have for us.  We want to say Thank you!  Once again we couldn't do what we do without all of you. 
Life here in the USA is different.  We haven't really fully adjusted to the pace of life but we have enjoyed the ease of life.  We still find ourselves not believing that stores are open 24/7.  We think about a need after 6 pm and decide to wait until the morning because in our minds everything is shut down and that just isn't the case.  Driving at night time always catches us by surprise.  We just can't believe it is this safe.  The large portions of food given at Restaurants is taking its toll on our bodies so we are having to learn how to share or have left overs.  The punctuality of worship services and how pretty every church is just amazes us.  We are so blessed here.
As we have adjusted we have also just been so overwhelmed by so many acts of kindness.  So many of you have gone above and beyond in showing us love and helping us out.  We have enjoyed seeing you all and wish there was more time to spend with each and everyone of you all.  It has been wonderful to be here in person and get to share with you all what the Lord is doing in Mada.  As we share with you all about His work we are reminded each time about His call on our lives to go back.  So pray for us that we will be wise in the here and now but would also be wise in how we prepare to go back. 
For now we just give you a short update.  We want to share with you where we will be in the next few weeks so if you get a chance to come and hear all the God is doing we would love to see you!  We are on the SWBTS campus working in the World Missions Center so stop by and say hello there as well.

Feb 6-7 Speaking at GA camp in Longview, TX
Feb 8 Speaking at Highland Park Baptist Church in Mount Pleasant, TX (AM Service)
Feb 15 Speaking at FBC Huffman, TX (AM Service)
Feb 22 Speaking at North Garland Baptist Fellowship in Garland, TX (AM Service)
March 1 Speaking at FBC Universal City, TX (AM Service and Sunday School classes)
March 8 Speaking at EBC in Camden, AR (AM Service)
March 15 Speaking at FUMC in Fredericksburg, TX
March 22 Speaking at Bell Chapel in Jacksonville, TX (AM) and at East Side Baptist in Rusk, TX (PM)
March 29 Speaking at Bullard Chapel Baptist in Tishomingo, OK (AM) and at New Hope Baptist in Livingston OK (PM)
April 5- Family Sunday
April 12- Speaking at Central Baptist Church in Round Rock, TX (AM)
April 19- Family Sunday
April 26- Lord willing we will be back in Madagascar

The girls are adjusting well to LCCS
We have had safe travels to all of our destinations
God is answering prayers for needs back in Madagascar
Adam's Dad is recuperating well from his heart issues
River and Suzie both had great Birthday celebrations

Prayer Request:
Wisdom for the future and upcoming needs
Upcoming trips
Times of rest
Health issues
Teammates still serving in Mada.


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