Just Keep Serving, Just Keep Serving

In the past few weeks since our last update we have stayed fairly busy.  However, it is to be said that life here on the island goes a little slower than in other places but then again it seems like it just flies by as well.  We have gotten the house back in order, survived more illness, taken a trip to the bush as a family, started back up with the in town Bible Studies and enjoyed all of this with Suzie’s parents Charlie and Zala being here with us.  Needless to say it has been a blessing to have family with us and Grandparents make it even more special.  I believe the girls and River have enjoyed all of the special attention they have received. 

We haven’t slowed down a lot with family being in town.  We are still rolling and going and just enjoying life.  Here in town they have visited the local church and been to a few of the weekly Bible Studies that we train trainers for and at.  Phoebe, Emma, Baylee and River have all been a part or joined us in going to different ones.  We also had the opportunity to make it out to Tsihombe and Ambovombe to train and encourage trainers and get some planning taken care for the SWBTS and NGBF short term teams coming through.   We are encouraged in how the Lord is challenging our national partners to shatter the silence and push forward in the work.  Even in the midst of persecution and sickness they stand strong and follow the Lords leading.  They continue to impress us with how they are willing to push forward even if that means standing alone.  Please keep them in your prayers as they continue to grow in their walk with the Lord.

As a family we saw Phoebe off to school once again.  It was very nice to have her at home this time and not just in S.A.  She enjoyed it as well and we are so proud of her.  We have confirmation that Emma will be going to the same school as Phoebe next school year so at least they will be at the same school.  Right now Phoebe needs to finish the third term strong and Baylee and Emma need to finish up their home school year well.  Suzie is doing a fantastic job juggling the many hats she wears.  She has continued to help lead out at Bible Studies and to encourage our trainers here in town.  She is pretty amazing!  River is doing great and it is so much fun seeing River grow.  Watching him grow is so new and exciting to us since our girls are already big.  He loves to smile and is pretty spoiled already.  Adam is staying pretty busy studying for future lessons, planning trips to the bush, organizing trainers, getting daily things done, being a Father and Husband.

Overall, things haven’t change a whole lot for us with what we desire to see happen.  The greatest thing is that we want God to get all the Glory for what He is doing.  We are just blessed that He has called us and He is guiding and protecting us on this journey.  We praise and love the Lord with all of our hearts, souls, minds and strength (that is what we desire)!

 River Got a Rugby Ball to Remind him of where he was born

 Trip to the Bush with Z & C

 Easter Sunday!  Adam Preaching and our Easter Egg Hunt!

 Our Three Beautiful and Awesome Girls!

 Emma loves Lemurs!

 River got up and close to a Sufaka Lemur

 Baylee at her Belt Test.  She did great!

 Phoebe heading back to RVA for her Third Term


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