God is Able

BIRTH DATE: December 27, 2013
TIME: 3:40pm
PLACE: Johannesburg, South Africa
WEIGHT: 8 lb. 13 oz. (4.010kg)
LENGTH: 20 ¾ in.

We are filled with joy in the goodness of God.  He loves us so much that he sent his one and only son to die on the cross, be buried, and raised again for OUR SINS.  Not only that, but he blesses us beyond measure in so many ways.  In this case we are filled with joy because after 9 years and 3 daughters, we now have a son!  We rejoice in being able to love on River. The girls adore him and are so helpful.  They can all handle him so well for him being so small!  In fact it was about midnight on Jan. 3rd when we were all pretty exhausted.  Emma and Baylee had put themselves to bed and Adam and Suzie were trying to spend as much time as possible with Phoebe before she left back for boarding school the next day.  Phoebe was most interested in spending as much time as possible with River.  Unless Suzie was nursing him, Phoebe was holding him!  Emma and Baylee were very patient with Phoebe.  Although they wanted to love on and hold River just as much as she did, they knew they would have more time later. 
Now, we continue to love on and cuddle with him and look forward to seeing Phoebe in a few weeks as we will all get to visit her in Kenya, except Adam.  He will stay here and hold the fort down.  Phoebe will get to introduce her beautiful sisters and new baby brother to her friends and teachers at school.  Be filled with joy as you reflect on God’s goodness.  His love endures forever!

Now we’re back in Madagascar and we are facing the reality of spiritual warfare.  God is moving in mighty ways, but we see evidence that Satan is at work to bring down the nationals.  We are excited about the work God is doing in the small towns of Ambovombe and Tsihombe and the surrounding villages, but some of those seeking Truth are not as interested.  It seems that as you begin to make inlets they close just as fast.  It isn’t all doom and gloom though.  We have new work starting to sprout up throughout all of Androy land.  There will be Malagasy pastor moving to Tsihombe this month, we celebrated the birthday of the church in Ambovombe and we keep hearing reports from our national partners that they are sharing the Word of God.  The work is not easy and at times we feel overwhelmed and not able to do this job.  That is when we remember that we aren’t able but He that lives within us is more than able!  So we thank you for your prayers and support.  Thank you because the Lord continues to amaze us and encourage our hearts as we seek to fulfill His plans.

Prayer Request:

  • We have several trips to the Bush this month.  Pray for the Lord to open hearts and doors to see new preaching points established and deepening of peoples walk with the Lord where we are already working 
  •  Suzie, Emma, Baylee and River will be traveling
  • Adam is traveling to get an MRI on his knee
  • Snyder family and our families on the South Team
  • Phoebe and her schooling at RVA


  • We made it back to Madagascar!!
  •  River is adjusting well
  • Thomas made it safely to join our team and seems to be doing very well
  •  People are responding to the Gospel message
 River chilling on the floor!

 Our Awesome Girls!!

 Phoebe leaving to go back to RVA

 Introducing River to some wildlife

All of us Together


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