We are Six

Well, the month of December is almost over and the 2013 year is all but over.  We have had a good year overall.  Lots of changes have taken place but mostly as we look back we can see that the name of Jesus has been lifted on high and the Lord has been at work in and through us throughout this past year.  We give all praise and glory to the Father above who has richly blessed us.

This past month has been a very different month for us.  For the first time in over 2 years we have had an extended time away from work. The reason for this break is such a blessing.  On December 27th we welcomed John-Raymond "River" Hailes to the world.  River weighed 8 lbs 13 oz.  He was 20 3/4 inches long. Fully healthy.  We praise the Lord for that.  This now makes us a family of six!  The other thing that truly has been amazing is to have all of us together for the first time since August.  Phoebe joined us from boarding school and we have enjoyed our time together.  We have watched movies, shopped, visited malls, eaten out, played games (soccer) and much more. 

The only complication we have had through this process is the fact that Suzie has a dropped foot from the pressure that River put on Suzie's nerve throughout the pregnancy and birthing process.  We believe this will go away over the next month or so.  Could you please pray that Suzie gets full range of movement in her left foot again. 

We are looking forward to returning to Madagascar soon but it looks like it will be a little bit until we can apply and then receive River's passport.  Please pray for this issue.  Also, pray for Madagascar and the election results that will be coming out.  This will affect us as well and the timetable for us to get back.

Ministry wise we have been in South Africa so we haven't been on the ground very much.  However, we are happy to share with you that the local partners are doing a great job sharing God's Word and we hope to see great strides taken in different areas and believe that we will be able to continue to branch out even further in 2014.  We will give you all more specifics on this later on.

For now we just want to say thank you for supporting missions.  Thank you for supporting us and all of our colleagues around the world.  You guys are such a blessing to us!  Have a Happy New Year and may the Lord do great and mighty things in and through us all.

  • John-Raymond River is here!!
  • Suzie is ding well besides her foot
  • Phoebe survived (did very well) her first term at RVA
  • We had safe travels to Johannesburg
  • We have been together as a family of six
  • The Snyder's made it back to Mada with their new baby girl
  • For Ashley as she is still trying to get healthy

Prayer Request:
  • Madagascar and the elections
  • Ministry among the Antandroy in 2014
  • River to grow and stay healthy
  • Travel plans for our family
  • Phoebe as she heads back to RVA
  • Thomas as he will be partnering alongside us as we attempt to reach the Antandroy for Jesus
 Phoebe made it to SA

 Adam made it to SA

 Christmas decorating Party

 Suzie ready to Pop

 Family Time

 Time with Ashley and her family

 Having a baby is tough

Just the 6 of us you, you, you, you, you and I


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