Infinite Grace

Infinite Grace

Life has its ups and downs and we still experience all of those ups and downs even as missionaries.  At times it seems as if those ups and downs are greatly intensified.  The hardest part about living in a foreign country is actually living in a foreign country.  So many things change from place to place and as one adjusts to one place, as in our situation over these past two years, it is time to move on to another place.  It has been very difficult for us to set our roots here and most days we do okay but with yet another transition which happened and one that is happening (baby #4) we find ourselves trapped in a whirlwind of emotions once again.  Leaving Phoebe at boarding school has not been easy for Mom and Dad.  We miss being together as a family and we are still trying to wrap our minds around this new concept.  However, it seems to be going very well for Phoebe.  She is making friends, doing well in school, and staying busy with the numerous school activities that are going on.  We praise the Lord for her great adjustment at boarding school. 

We have found during this past month that we need to give praise and thanks to the Lord for all of the little things that He does.  We have found that during these intensified ups and downs of life experiences that as we take our eyes off the big things and begin to focus on all the little miracles the Lord is doing that our hearts and minds gradually begin to re-focus on how Awesome God is.  As we focus on the Lord’s Might and Awesomeness the problems we are facing don’t seem as big.  The Lord is truly in control of all things.  He cares about the little details and He cares about the big picture as well.  It is no secret that as we keep our focus on Him the rest takes care of itself but we are also normal human beings who have needs, face challenges, make mistakes, get sick, have financial burdens, etc….  The Lord is gracious and good and He cares for us all.

Thus, we wanted to share with you all some little things that continue to encourage and strengthen our hearts.  Emma is blossoming into a beautiful young woman both on the inside and the outside.  Baylee is always trying to spin things back towards Christ.  She truly loves Jesus.  Baby #4 is growing and causing all sorts of ruckus inside Suzie.  Suzie is able to do so much still even being seven months pregnant and having all the aches and pains that come with pregnancy.  Adam is making progress in dialect, relationships and training trainers.  Our home is holding up well during this new rainy season.  We have more lights and plugs that work than don’t work in the house.  Our dog is a great guard dog.  We feel the prayers and receive so much support from all of our prayer partners across the world.  We are able to do what the Lord has called us to do and that is to simply share and train others up in Christ Jesus.


*As we train trainers, the trainers are training other trainers…reproducing!!!

*God has been answering little prayers and blessing beyond measure

*Baby #4 is growing and healthy

*All three girls are making great strides in their studies

*Plans are in place for our time in South Africa to have the baby

Prayer Requests:

*Safe, smooth travels to South Africa

*Productive, safe bush trips for Adam before he goes on to South Africa

*Grace in getting everything in order to be gone from Mada for almost 2 months
 Surprise mini-baby shower for Snyders
 The pastor & his wife sharing a testimony and a song
 Growing Baby #4
 Ashley & Emma helping with Sunday School
 Adam training trainers
Our landlord



  1. Take courage my friends! Yes, there are days that it seems you are at the end of the earth and no one remembers you are there. Likewise, it seems there is no where to go. One road in and one road out :) Our father knows exactly where you are and He knows all that you have given up to service a people lost and without hope. You are chosen! May your time in S.A. be a great refresher and you come back rejuvenated and ready to charge forward. Our family is praying for yours!
    Dana and Bill


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