Two-Stepping (Baptist Style)

Well another month has gone by and we are continuing to work hard at many things here in the South of Madagascar.  We have many praises to report but we also have many hardships to report.  The Lord is at work!  We are seeing lives changed by Him.  We are also seeing people growing in their walk with the Lord.  We have had so much going on that due to space we are going to divide things up to help us communicate it all more effectively.

We started the month off by having Adam’s parents and Aunt and Uncle visit us here in Mada.  This was a very special time and it went by way too fast.  We got in lots of hugs and just hanging around with them.  The month moved on fast and furious as we prepared to take Phoebe to RVA.  Adam and Suzie were able to go with Phoebe to RVA in Kenya and dropped her off at school.  Phoebe is settling in well and already staying busy. However, I think Mom and Dad and sisters miss her a lot right now.  Emma and Baylee are doing great so far in this new school year.  We are so thankful for Ashley and the work she is doing.  Baby #4 is doing well and growing.  Suzie is starting to show more and we are all excited and a little scared about having a new little one.  With that said we also have realized that we have nothing for a little baby and we feel like we are starting all over again.  Many of you have asked about Baby Showers or stuff for the baby.  We have come to realize that due to the cost of shipping and the taxes we would pay here it might be better to send us Visa gift cards or just give money to Adam or Suzie’s parents for that purpose.  We want others to be involved in this process but find it difficult being so far away.  We do want to make sure you understand we are just trying to give advice as to what would be most helpful to us at this moment.  No pressure!!!

The work here in the South is progressing.  We have seen people come to the Lord and seeking to grow in their walk with the Lord.  We have also noticed a constant spiritual battle as we do our work.  It really feels like we are living out Romans 7 at times.  The people are learning what is right in God’s eyes but find evil right at work alongside them.  However, we are not discouraged but praising the Lord that we have teachable moments to attend to.  The Lord has also allowed us to start some new relationships in different villages.  This has been such an answer to prayer and we are trying to spend time getting to know these people, customs and language.  With that said, please keep us in prayer as we continue to study the Tandroy dialect.  It is very difficult and we feel like as we take those steps forward in our language acquisition we are always taking one step back.  Finally just continue to pray for those we are training as leaders.  At the local church in FD we have started training Trainers for the Bible Studies that take place during the week.  They are accepting this task and we are seeing people producing spiritual fruit.  People are hungry and thirsty for the Word of God and we seek to share His goodness all the time.

Finally as we enter into this Missions offering emphasis time.  Please continue to support us.  We are so thankful for you all and we praise the Lord for the freedoms we have to share the Gospel because of your support.  Keep up the good work and know we that we are working with all of our hearts, soul's mind's and strength.

Prayer Request:

  • Pray for Phoebe and her family as she is doing school at RVA. 
  • Pray for Ashley (Teacher), Emma and Baylee as they are now several weeks into Home school
  • Pray for Suzie and Baby #4
  • Pray for the ministry among the Tandroy People.  Particularly for Trainers to multiply and for new believers to leave the old ways.
  • Pray for our South Team as we are now complete. 
  • Pray for our family and friends back home.  In particular the DeLeon family.


  • The trip to Kenya went well overall.
  • New preaching points are being established
  • Local believers are producing spiritual fruit.
  • Everyone on the South Team is here in Fort Dauphin
  • Adam's family traveled safely to and from Madagascar.
 First day of School!  

 The Baby Bump is growing!

 We are loving Whale watching here in FD.

 Singing a Worship Song in Tandroy Dialect.

 Phoebe's Dorm room at RVA.


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