As we continue to do our work among the Tandroy people we find ourselves repeating certain phrases over and over again.  One statement is to remind people that we are here to Train trainers who will in turn train trainers themselves.  We remind people about the need to multiply and share the Good news of Jesus with others as well.  We don’t just do that once but it seems like we do it every time we get together with them and honestly every time we begin to discuss our strategies here in Madagascar.  What we have found is that setting the right foundation is very important.  Naturally our vision is Christ Jesus and seeing people come to Salvation and then in turn to grow in their walk with Christ.  However, we realize that three IMB units will not and can’t reach over 1 million Tandroy people.  Thus, we are always training, teaching and challenging others to share the Gospel with others.  
This past month has been an exciting month.  We have had teammates join us here in FD and we are blessed to have them alongside us.  With that we have the opportunity to do more in the bush and we are seeing our patience and work done beforehand come to fruition and we are finding inlets into the darkness.  We have two brothers (nationals) who are feeling called to the ministry and we have seen several come to faith in Christ Jesus.  We give God all the Glory!  We are very excited about what lies ahead but want to be wise in the Lord as we move forward. We are expecting the Lord to do Great things!
We have had another Birthday as Baylee is now nine!!  We have been blessed to have Adam’s parents here along with his Aunt and Uncle.  We are cherishing this time with them all.  It has almost been two years since we last saw them in person.   What a joy it is to have them here.  It almost seems like a dream.  With this visit we have been more homesick than ever and really miss all of our friends and family back home.  Know that we love you all and think and pray for you all often. We also just want to tell you all thank you for your prayers and support.


  • We have teammates on the ground with almost all of their stuff
  • Adam’s family made it safely
  • Suzie and Baby #4 are still doing well.
  • We have seen new brothers and sisters in Christ
  • Baylee had another Birthday!!

Prayer Request:

  • This homesickness to go away
  • For Bon Chance and Oliver who are teaming up with us in Tsihombe
  • For Pastor Jean de Dieux and the people in Ambovombe
  • For the start of a new school year for Emma, Baylee and Ashley (teaching)
  • For Phoebe as she will be going off to Boarding school (pray for her parents as well)
  • For Baby #4 we hope to find out for sure if it is a boy, girl, twins, triplets? 
 Fun to have Adam's parents here
 Baylee's Birthday Party

 An excursion out with the Lemur's

 Beach Day!

 Figuring out how to unload stuff for teammates!


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