The Simplicity and complexity of the Task at hand

As more training has been completed and we seek to fulfill the Lord’s desires in the South of Madagascar we find ourselves realizing that our job in one sense is not as hard as we tend to make it.  Our job is to proclaim Christ.  Our job is to let everyone we encounter know that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life.  As we share this good news with people and see the Lord transform hearts we try to fulfill the rest of the great commission and set up opportunities for them to be baptized and to be taught everything that Jesus has commanded us.  Now I would say that is where our job gets hard.  It is in the making of disciples.  This is where it takes a long time and this is where we get bogged down.  If all we ever did was evangelize we wouldn’t be obeying all that the Lord has commanded us to do.  If all we did was go yet did not do any teaching/training we would not be obeying all that the Lord has commanded.  If all we did was teach/train but never shared with others we would not be obeying all that the Lord has commanded.  Thus, we find ourselves drawing in parameters that at times need to be there and at times need to be pushed back.  The fact of the matter is that as you deal with the unreached people, they are about as far away from the truth of God as anyone can be.  More than likely just the title unreached means they have never even heard of the life that is in Christ Jesus.  Their destination is eternal separation from God.  The only solution to this problem is Christ and it is our job to proclaim this good news.  It is here where things get tricky for us.  Is there a good or bad time to share Jesus with someone?  What if you can’t do the training and teaching?  What if you never see them again?  Is our silence worth their eternity separated from God?  Are we any less accountable to God for not sharing just because we couldn’t get to them in time to follow up?  Is salvation dependent upon knowing everything in Scriptures?  The answers to these questions will play a vital role into how we move on in the future.  The answers to these questions will hold an eternal consequence for those who haven’t heard about the Life that is found in Christ.  We like the title of one of the methods we used called T4T.  It means training for trainers.  Now the way we interpret this is that we believe that it is our job to train people who in turn will train others.  In essence make disciples.  The problem arises in what if we aren’t making trainers but just making followers how will the others ever be trained?  You see in Scripture we see that Jesus had many followers throughout his time on earth but many of these deserted him when times got tough.  Therefore, we seek to do things in a way that will grow progressively.  We see it is our job to preach, teach, train, equip, and empower believers in Christ Jesus.  As we do this all we can do is trust that the Lord will increase in all of our lives.  It is not our job to save, choose who, or choose when.  It is simply our job to be totally dependent on the Holy Spirit of God and follow His leading and His timing.  If we are being obedient to Him then we are accomplishing our task.  As long as we are seeking His face and His desires we are accomplishing our task.  God knows those whom He has appointed and God knows the hearts of people.  It is not our job to judge people’s intentions but it is our job to inspect the fruit with spiritual eyes and to encourage and build others up in Christ Jesus.  So what is your job?  Your job is to do the same.  You need to tell, teach, train, and equip others in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.  We also as always ask of you to pray for us that we will be obedient to all that the Lord has for us.  Pray that we will have the wisdom from above and speak the Truth of God.  We give all glory and honor to God!


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