Volunteer Victories

We have started the New Year off right!!  We have been so blessed to have a volunteer group, Southwestern Baptist Seminary, serving alongside us this week.  As I write this blog the group of 11, plus 3 permanent missionaries and a national are spending five days braving the rough roads from Toliara to Ambovombe and back.  They are seeking God’s favor and hand to be over the Androy land and are covering the area in prayer as we get ready to be a part of what God is already doing among the Antandroy people.
This past week has been amazing!  There have been many opportunities for the Southwestern team to be a part of the ministries that are already at work in Toliara including preaching, sharing testimonies, sharing through song, encouraging youth groups, and teaching English.  They have also gone out in groups to four different areas around town each afternoon to get more information about the Tandroy people and Malagasy culture, as well as, share the gospel!  We are stunned to report that over 150 people were led to make a decision for Christ.  We look forward to the follow-up and discipleship that will be taking place through the permanent missionaries to see the hearts of these individuals and how the Lord uses them! 

*His timing and faithfulness
*He is changing lives and drawing His children to Himself!
*The team here in Toliara (everyone has worked so hard and selflessly)
*The Snyders got to visit
*Phoebe, Emma and Ashley made it to and from MK camp safely

Prayer Requests:
                *The girls and Ashley start back to school tomorrow
                *The Southwestern team to have safe travel to and from Ambovombe,
                  then back to the states
                *Adam safe travels to training in South Africa
                *Favor in finding a house in Fort Dauphin, as we’ll be moving in April
                *Language and dialect acquisition
 Testimonies at Youth Group
 Proclaiming the Gospel in the streets
 Answering Bible questions at the English class
Briefing at the hotel


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