This past month has been an amazing month of seeing the Lord’s Hand at work.  It has been busy and it has been full of activities, comings and goings but it has also been encouraging because we have been able to see the Lord’s hand at work.  At the beginning of the month we had the privilege to go through Tandroy land (The Dirty South) and visit several places.  We were able to stop and talk to people on the side of the road and explored several Tandroy cities.  Within this exploration we encountered several people who came up and said “tell me about Jesus” so we did.  When we went to visit the Chef du District offices they were more than ecstatic for us coming and were excited about us working in and around their areas.  We also got to explore through Fort Dauphin (Toalagnaro) and see what our final stopping place for this first term looks like.  We were excited about this and found many Tandroy within the city and now know what the city has to offer.  It was beautiful!  However, within this trip we also experienced one of the scariest things while on the field.  We had a young man ride his bike into our car.  Within all this chaos the Lord has proven himself faithful.  First of all the young man suffered no serious injuries and is doing great.  Secondly, we were able to meet several people with whom we shared the Gospel through this experience and believe that these are relationships we can build upon in the future.  Thirdly, we just found out that the family of the young man we hit has been attending the CEIM church in Ambovombe and that there is a Bible study that has been started within his family (which happens to be Antanosy another UUPG).  Wow God is so Good!  Within Fort Dauphin we were able to visit a couple of churches.  A CEIM church whose pastor Rene is on fire for the Lord.  We were so blessed to be able to spend some time with him and his family.  We also visited a house church whose members were more than excited about our upcoming arrival.  Furthermore, we had the privilege of visiting the new church plant in Ambovombe and loved seeing how the Lord is at work there.  The people were so excited about us coming and they are ready to go out with us and share the good news of Jesus Christ.  Even more exciting is the new church plant that is happening this month in Amboasary.  A pastor and his family are moving out to this city and they will be working there.  Needless to say we were able to see God’s hand at work.  The drive to and from was rough and tough on the body.  However, we are so grateful we had the privilege of going.  We do ask for prayers because we are so ready to be where we feel like the Lord desires to use us most but have a several more months in Toliara left.  We desire to do our very best here in Toliara and to see the Lord at work.  Finally, here in Toliara we have had the privilege of helping some school children within the churches with school supplies and also had the privilege of helping the churches in Fort Dauphin and Ambovombe with Bibles.  Suzie has been leading a couple of Bible studies and Adam has been teaching a couple of guys and doing a lot of evangelism.  Within all of this we have seen the Lord’s hand at work.  It hasn’t all been easy we were a little sick and tired after the long trip, we have felt a little discouraged with the time it is taking to acquire the Tandroy dialect and have had to make a couple of sacrifices for the good of others.  However, needless to say the Lord is good and He is doing great and mighty things here in Madagascar.  He is great to be praised!


  • We made it to Fort Dauphin and Back Again.
  • Emma had a wonderful Birthday!  She is so Awesome!
  • Homeschooling is going well.  They were even able to do some during our travels.
  • The Snyder’s have arrived in Madagascar

Prayer Request:

  • For strong long lasting relationships to be built in Toliara
  • For SWBTS and the upcoming trip in Dec/Jan
  • For Tandroy dialect to be acquired and used.
  • For everyone traveling to 40/40
  • Suzie and Ashley and the girls as they homeschool
  • For the Waller’s as they are going stateside for a few months.
  • Pray for the churches in Tandroy land and their pastors particularly the new church plant in Amboasary.
 P & E playing in the Ocean

 Sharing with some people on the side of the road

 Church in Fort Dauphin

 House Church

 Church in Ambovombe

 Emma's B-Day

 Birthday Cake!


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