Hungry and Thristy for Truth

Living in a country where the average daily wage is less than $2.50 one encounters many needs and is constantly asked for money.  However, we are encountering a new petition to share the Good news of Jesus Christ.  People are coming and asking for Truth.  With this comes much excitement together with many prayers for wisdom and discernment.  As the Lord opens doors we want to be ready to move and share the good news however we also want to  be ready to disciple through following up and strong Biblical teaching.  People are ready to hear the good news and they hunger and thirst for Truth but the message of God though full of hope is also a difficult one to swallow as it does not promise a smooth easy going road.  On the contrary it promises persecution to His followers, it requires us to take up our crosses and die to ourselves, and it requires a heart change (moving from a heart of stone to a heart of flesh).  Yes, God offers us so much and it is worth it!!! However, in a world where the quick answer is wanted the Truth of God’s Word weighs heavily.  Thus, as we see people seeking Truth we also find a great battle within them.  Is God worth it all?  Paul says yes but to the average person who doesn’t have very much is it worth losing it all to gain eternal life.  After all, they see the power the dark-side has, and they find results from following those ways.  Granted they are living in continual fear but if they do everything right they believe they can control their own destiny.  Or do they just go with the half-truth of the Gospel and say they believe in Jesus pay some money to get baptized but yet never know a single thing about their Savior and His Word.  After all, if they go to church, pray a little, give a little and know something about this Jesus character they might be able to do enough to stay out of trouble.  Furthermore, they know that these churches don’t require them to follow Jesus only but they can continue on with their worship of the darkness by wearing their charms and practicing their ancestral worship.  Here we are preaching the Good news of Jesus Christ offering life but pointing out that Christ is the great sacrifice that has already been given.  There is life in Him and in Him alone.  We state that they no longer have to do the things of old but that God is Enough!  We teach, we instruct, we clarify but unfortunately we don’t get to choose for them.  The battle is on and God’s Truth is wanted, God’s Truth is needed but will God’s Truth be chosen.  Would you pray with and for us that we would be bearers of God’s Truth and that His Spirit will convict, convince, and change a people group, a nation, and a world.

  • ·         Team Retreat went very well.
  • ·         We are having many opportunities to share about Jesus
  • ·         We have had  safety on the roads thus far
  • ·         We are slowly but surely gaining some insight and understanding in the Southern dialect
  • ·         School has started well for the girls

Prayer Request:  

  •  Our vision trip down through Antandroy land, to Fort Dauphin and back again.
    • For safety
    • Favor with hotels
    • Discernment on implementing our ministry strategies
  • Emma’s B-day
  • Ashley and Suzie as they teach the girls and the girls as they will be on the road doing school this month
  • Preparations for SWBTS trip in December/Jan
  • Language acquisition especially within the Tandroy dialect
    • Specifically for us to find a good teacher in the dialect

     The girls at Isalo Park doing some hiking and swimming

     We love care packages and could never say thank you enough!

     Little Bible study group getting started and below it people asking us to go and share with others.


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