Mampivavaka (To Make Pray)

Mampivavaka is the term that we use to describe to people who we are.  We tell them I am a missionary and they respond in different ways but many times they will say in question form; mampivavaka?  The term means to make pray.  As we are ready to move on to the next stage of our missionary journey in Madagascar we will be wearing that label with great joy and humility.  There are so many questions of how it will all work and how we will accomplish anything but one thing stands out.  We are there to teach people the good news of Jesus Christ.  We are in essence teaching people how to pray.  We are teaching people how to have a true relationship with God.  As we have been thinking about this term it seems to fit.  My job is to make people pray.  Now in English it sounds so harsh especially from an American culture where we don’t make anybody do anything much less force anyone to pray.  However, I wonder many times if we could have avoided many wrong choices if we just would have had someone in our lives that would encourage (better American word) to pray.  Thus, as we look to the future with much anticipation as to what the Lord desires to do we must not forget that we are called to be people of prayer who know how to correctly handle the Word of God.  This in turn should lead to a heart willing and ready to teach others, to go to the unreached and the unengaged and share the Good News of Jesus.  This does not mean it will be easy or that we will not face dangers but it does mean that we can go confident that the Lord is in control.  We rejoice in the Lord and in His Mighty Hand at work.  We just seek to humble ourselves before the King of Kings so that in due time He will use us as He sees fit.  Thus, we encourage/urge you to pray for us and also to pray for your families, churches, cities, leaders; to cover all things in prayer.

  • We have finished official dialect language school and feel fairly confident.
  • We have shared at three different churches, two schools and several people on the street the Good News of Jesus Christ through our testimony, evangelism tracts, and proclaiming God’s Word
  • We have seen hearts changed because of the working of God’s Holy Spirit
  • We have felt your prayers and support

Prayer Request:
  • For our upcoming move and the many difficulties that come while moving in Africa
  • For our acclimation in Toliara and with the SW Team (Especially dialect and cultural acquisition)
  • For Ashley as she arrives and will be with us in Toliara
  • For the Snyder family as they will be starting Orientation
  • For our Nation as we celebrate another year of Independence
  • For our families as we will be away from them in some special family times back home. 
  • For strong relationships to be formed with many Antandroy people.
  • For the village of Sainta where we will be doing the bulk of our initial work among the Antandroy.  That we would find hearts, minds, and souls ready to hear, receive and act upon the Truth of God's Word.

  • Happy Anniversary to Johnny and Ruth Ann Hailes (Adam’s parents July 3rd) and to Charlie and Zala Koym (Suzie’s parents July 5th)
Cultural Lesson: 
  •  In Madagascar it is customary for the person leaving/moving away to give gifts to his/her friends. 

The Girls are Happy!

Malagasy Independence Day Celebration

We had a hard time seeing everything!

Giving our Day guard (Fidelis) a birthday present.

Sharing at the Voatsinampy School and giving some gifts

Sharing at the School for the Bling

Giving some Gifts there as well.


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