Well we are back in Madagascar and after a month of intense training in Zambia we are excited to be able to begin finishing out language school and prepare for our next journey on this mission field that the Lord has given us.  Through all the training and all the assignments we have completed we are reminded of a saying by Rev. Mike Helton.  He would always tell us "Be Fluid".  We like this term and try to use it as we approach life on the mission field.  We seek to find the best in whatever situation we may find ourselves.  Be it urban life and lots of bonuses, to bush camp and no modern amenities, to life with a national family and learning to do things at their pace we find ourselves seeking to fit the mold that the situation calls for.  With all that said, mission life is about being fluid and dealing with change.  We are not experts but we have found God's grace and hand guiding us as we move from place to place.  We have seen Him at work in and through our lives and seek to honor Him each and everyday that He gives us.  As we prepare to finish out our time in language school we desire to finish strong and stay motivated.  Most of all, we desire to see new relationships we have formed continue to progress and to be able to share the reason for our coming and the Hope and life that is in Christ Jesus to those new friends in their heart language.  We have some Exciting days ahead and just ask for you to lift us up in prayer as we continue to seek to honor God.

  • We had safe flights to and from all of the places we visited.
  • We were able to see people come to faith in Christ Jesus
  • Training went well and we all stayed relatively healthy.
  • We did not forget as much Malagasy as we thought we might
  • We have move date for Toliara.
  • The Snyder's have been appointed to come and join us in working with he Antandroy
  • We bought several things for our new home.

Prayer Request:
  • Ashley is coming in July
  • We move the first week of July (Needing our crate to arrive safely and no taxes taken out)
  • SW Team as it will have an influx of new units in July.
  • Partnership with SWBTS
  • Families and friends back home in the States.
  • For us as we share the Good news with friends in Antsirabe in Malagasy.
  • New Believers in Zambia

 We were able to share and see many of these guys come to Christ in Zambia

 Trying new food.  Emma is almost crying.  (Whole little fish)

 Adam celebrated a B-Day!

Suzie was able to see this Lady come to Faith in Christ


  1. YAY! so excited to follow you guys on here!!! :) miss you guys!!! lifting you up!

  2. Love the pics! Keep them coming!

  3. Praise the Lord and thank you for the word about being fluid! Wow that is so true yet at times I get frustrated at the things I have no control over. Also love the daddy look your giving Emma that says you better eat that fish girl and like it:) Enjoy journeying along side you guys! Blessings Josh.


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