Mighty to Save

Well we have been on the go as always but trying to make sure that we can slow down enough to remember this time of the year.  We have just finished a great week in South Africa hearing how the Lord is at work.  We are always amazed as we hear the stories of the Lord working in marvelous and mysterious ways to draw people to Himself.  As we have entered fully into this Easter season we remember the cost that took our Savior to the cross.  We are fully aware that it was our sins and unfaithfulness that nailed Him to that tree.  We realize that He willingly took the shame and scorn of the cross and died so that we might be able to be cleansed from our sins.  He paid the price that we could never pay.  Thus, we praise the name of the Lord for His goodness and mercy.  We also look forward to this Sunday as we do every Sunday to gather with the Saints of the Lord as a corporate body of believers to celebrate the life and hope that is in Jesus Christ because though He died on the cross and was buried in a tomb He arose on the Third day!  So we shout out with great excitement that JESUS IS ALIVE!
It is precisely this news that we are so excited about sharing to every person, tribe, village, township, city of Antandroy and other peoples we might encounter who have not heard this news.  There are hundreds of thousands in the people group the Lord has called us to work with (Antandroy) who have never heard the name of Jesus.  Thus, it is our mission to tell them that Jesus lived a Holy life, died on the cross for our sins, and rose again on the third day conquering death and hell.  We seek to tell them this story and to teach, train, equip new Malagasy leaders to multiply and plant indigenous churches.  Thus, we are learning a new language and will be learning a different dialect in our new language.  We are willing to go to some of the most remote places to seek out  those who have been in silence about the message of Christ.  In essence we will be Shattering the Silence! (Which by the way we do believe our family is good at LOL) Would you join us in praying that by Easter time next year we would have people, groups, tribes, townships, and cities of Tandroy knowing and worshipping our Savior for the life and hope that He has provided them and us in Christ Jesus our Lord.

  • We have had safe travel on this first leg of our upcoming travels and training.
  • We have heard and seen evidence of the Lord at work.
  • Our Nephew David is growing stronger each day
  • Ridgecrest Baptist Church called a new pastor on April 1st.
  • Our second Oral Proficiency Exam went well.  We are still ahead of schedule (we think)
  • Phoebe had a wonderful 13th birthday!
Prayer Request:
  • We still have many flights to catch over the next month and a half. For safety
  • For us to be motivated to continue to study and to do the training ahead with all we have.
  • For health as we have been sick more than normal this last month.
  • For Ridgecrest Baptist Church's new pastor RJ Nanny.
  • Suzie and Adam as they are now parents of a teenager (LOL).
  • Partnership with SWBTS as they seek to help reach the Antandroy alongside us.
  • For Ashley who will be coming to join us in July

     The Family is doing very well. (We are so proud of the girls and thanks for all the prayers)

     Adam Sharing at the Graveside for our Night Guards family member who passed away.

     Low Clearance for those entering!
We got to see the inside of the tomb you saw above.


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