New Year, New Opportunities, Same Goal

As we begin to get ready for 2012 we have spent time looking back at what has happened and as we look back we see God’s mighty hand all over it.  There have been many different transitions this past year but in all of them the Lord has proved Himself faithful over and over again.  We are also thankful for the many people praying for us on a regular basis.  Rest assured the Lord has answered prayers and continues to do so in a mighty way.  Thus, we look forward to what is ahead and celebrate the fact that no matter what, our God is worthy of everything we offer Him.  Here are some things from the past and what is coming in the future.
·         January 2011:  Suzie turned 32
·         March 2011:  Appointed to be IMB Missionaries in Dallas; Phoebe turned 12.
·         April 2011:  Adam turned 33
·          May 2011:  Sold most of our possessions and packed up the rest.
·         June 2011:  Stepped down from being pastor at Ridgecrest Commerce and began to travel and share at many different churches while visiting family.
·         July 2011:  Moved to FPO, Baylee turned 7
·         September 2011:  Finished FPO and got to spend 10 days saying good-byes to the family; Emma turned 11
·         October 2011:  Arrived in Madagascar
·         November 2011:  Received our first care packages in Mada.  Found out we are getting a Journeymen, Ashley Gruber, to join us in July of 2012
·         December 2011:  Had Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary adopt the Antandroy and decide to partner with us for several years.  Phoebe went to youth camp in South Africa.
·         January 2012:  Suzie Turns 33
·         February 2012:  Possible trip to explore where we will be living as we reach out to the Antandroy after language study.
·         March 2012:  Phoebe turns 13!  IOC Meeting in South Africa
·         April 2012: 40/40 in Zambia; Adam turns 34
·         May /June 2012:  Finish up Language School
·         July 2012:  Move to Tulear.  Ashley arrives, Baylee turns 8!
·         September 2012:  Emma turns 12

We are praying that 2012 will be the year that the Lord starts a strong church planting, Gospel sowing, Holy Spirit movement among the Antandroy and other people groups in Madagascar.  Thank you so much for your prayers.  We do have a few extra request:
Prayer Request:
1.       For language study to go well.  We have our first oral proficiency test on January 5th.
2.       For our partnership with SWBTS and our supporting churches to grow and be effective in communicating the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Pray for a clear vision.
3.       For the girls homeschooling.  Some days are more difficult than others.
4.       For one of our computers to get fixed.  It crashed last month.  We need the repair disc to arrive safely and quickly.
 Hanging out at a waterfall

 Eating at the Day Guards house in the countryside

 Children out in the countryside

 Baylee playing with her friends

 Christmas Morning going to church!

Horseback Riding


  1. How fun that y'all get a journeygirl! Will her main job be homeschooling?

  2. What an awesome year you guys have had! I am excited to see how God uses you this upcoming year! I am especially pumped about July 2012 - we will be in Tulear then too, hopefully! :)

  3. Cara, yes she will be helping out with the homeschooling but we are hoping to be able to do a lot more with her as well. Drew and Cristina we are pumped about seeing you guys in July. We pray for you continually.


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