Lostness Revealed

As we have now spent almost a month in Madagascar we have been so blessed by how the Lord has taken care of us so far.  We had a very smooth trip with no major problems from the United States to Madagascar.  We have been learning the language and settling into our temporary homestead during this language application period.  We have been humbled by the inability to communicate clearly but have been encouraged that at times we seem to be grasping little glimpses of using the language correctly.  The girls have started homeschooling and are enjoying it.  They really are Awesome!  We do miss everyone back home but it seems that each day the Lord reminds us that our calling is to be His witnesses here in Madagascar.  As we drive, walk, study, watch, and encounter people here we are constantly reminded that so many have not had the chance to hear the Truth and we have not even made it to our UUPG (Unreached Unengaged People Group).  Please pray for us…..
·         To begin to grasp the language so that we can share the Greatness of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in the vernacular of our people.
·         To develop true relationships with people in our neighborhood.
·         That we do not have too many days of missing family, friends, items, etc. .. from the United States.
·         To show the love of Christ in everything that we do.
·         To have safety on the roads (It is Crazy at times)
·         To be able to share with you all everything that God is doing on a constant basis
·         To get the little things set up so that we can accomplish all the task required of us.
·         To use the extra time we might have wisely.


  1. Praying for you guys and loving that family picture you've got up there! :D

  2. Praying for you as you and your family adjust to a new land and new culture. We have your cards out on the table by our "Guest book" for others to take and pray, as well! We love you, are grateful for your obedience, and are inspired by your lifestyle. Love & Prayers, The Bakers


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