We Have Arrived

Well we have survived 22 hrs in a plane and an eight hour time change and we are in Mada.  We are ecstatic to be here and are looking forward to what the Lord wants to do in and through us.  We are grateful for your prayers and support and we also covet them as we continue on.  Some great news is that all flights went extremely well and all of our stuff made it with us.  Customs went well and we have enjoyed a little time in Tanna to lose some of the Jet lag.  Grant, Michael, Michelle, Matt, LuSinda, Taisir, Kristi and others have been absolutely phenomenal.  We are so grateful for them.  They have allowed us to begin to feel confident that we are right where God has asked us to be.  We have been out and about a little and have just been humbled by a new language and have such a desire to learn Malagasy so we can communicate clearly with them.  However, with the little that we speak we have enjoyed attempting to share.  Driving has been exciting to say the least and we are learning some of the rules.  One learned just a few minutes ago is whoever is the in circle has the right of way.  No accident just scared everybody. (LOL)  Overall things have been smooth and we are looking forward to language school.  Please pray for us to begin to grasp official Malagasy quickly and that we would be proficient int he language as soon as possible.  We definitely will need the Lord's favor.  Thanks for your prayers and we will be in touch.

 Time with Family before Leaving
 South Africa overnight stay
 Arrival in Mada
 Hotel for Recuperation
 Busy Streets of Tanna
 Rice Fields, Hills
Great Place to eat, Met Ben Stuart's Sister there


  1. Thanks for the pics which help us visualize Mada in a personal way now. We are learning to pray for you in ways that the Father will reveal as He demonstrates HIS work in and through you there! Give those precious girls hugs from all the Bakers please--- even those they haven't met!
    With love & prayers, The Bakers


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