No Greater Task

The day is pretty much on us.  Everything we own fits in two crates (which we won’t see for several months), ten suit-cases, ten carry-on bags, and some storage at parent’s homes.  However, as we are ready to board the plane that is to take us to our next destination we realize that there is no greater task for us in our lives at this time.  Yes, God has called us all to be making disciples and He has called us all to go unto the peoples of the world but for us He has asked us to go and live among the people and tell them about the hope that is found in Christ Jesus.  So we don’t have much from earthly possessions but we do have Father’s Spirit guiding and protecting us and we have each other.  We can truly appreciate what Paul wrote in Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.  We know what it is to live here in the States and have such great luxuries and feel so blessed to have so much at the tip of the fingers but we also know that Father will take care of our needs whether we have plenty or little.  Thus, we trust in Him and know that He desires to great and marvelous things in and through us.  It is our job and your job to be obedient.  So it is in obedience that we go, live, and share.
Some notes of Interest:
·         Many wanted to know how to contact us while there.  We are closing down our cell phones but we do have email- and we will get you our new phone #’s ASAP.  We also have Skype ashailes
·         If you want to send us a care package you can send it to (language Study only)
B.P. 268
110 Antsirabe
·         Please do not send electronics or money in the mail.  Candy, some food fixings, certain clothes, and other goodies will be great.
·         If for some reason money is involved please contact us and we will let you know how to deposit or get it to the right people.  Thanks

We love you all very much and are so appreciative for the prayers that we are receiving and will receive.  It truly does make a huge difference in our lives.  Thank you so much and see you as you come and join us in ministry, visit, or in 4-5 years.  We will keep in touch with you through email, Facebook and the blog.


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