Looking Forward by Looking Back

As the time for us to depart FPO and return home for just a few days before leaving for Mada is upon us we can’t help but just be amazed about how God has been at work in our lives.  When we look back we see many good things but we also remember making some very bad choices.  We are always amazed at how quickly the bad choices can influence the rest of one’s life even just a couple of bad ones out of all the many choices in life.  Knowing where we have been and where we are today is truly only by the grace of God.  We serve a God who has chosen to forgive us the chief of all sinners and use us to reach the unreached.  He has chosen us the biggest hypocrites who have ever lived to go and display what genuine Christianity looks like.  We cannot explain why God does this but all we can say is that ‘His Grace is Sufficient’.  We’ve found that where sin was at work Grace was deeper and greater, we’ve found that where shame and reproach were evident He brought on us honor and encouragement and finally we found what seemed to be hopeless was really full of hope because of Him.  So here we stand with bags ready to go and hearts willing to serve.  We have been forgiven so much and given a new life by the only one who can forgive and that is through Jesus Christ the Son of God.  So we are ready to go to the unreached to tell them about who Jesus is.  Would you join us in prayer for the Antandroy as we go?  Would you ask Father to show them the same loving grace He showed us?  Would you ask Father to pour out His Amazing Grace on them?
On a little more personal note please pray for our family today.  Emma and Adam both have strep and Suzie’s throat is hurting a little.  Please ask the Father to heal Emma and Adam and that Suzie would not get sick.  Also, pray that we don’t share this with any other families here with us.  Finally pray for safe flights this week as we go back to TX to say our ‘See You Laters’.

Thanks and May God Bless,

Adam, Suzie, Phoebe, Emma, and Baylee Hailes

 Living dangerously
 New pass-time chilling in a hammock
 Learning to kill and fix chicken

 A night without electricity (Not related to chicken killing)
 Team Mada in DC sharing His Word
 Thank You Embassy staff for your warm hospitality


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