Living in Training

We are having a wonderful time in training.  It has been a busy time but definitely worthwhile.  We are spending complete days in class and asking God to let us retain all of the information that we are learning.  The girls flew on an airplane for the first time and did awesome.  So thankful to be able to have spent some time with family and friends over the past few months.  We love you all very much.  Some quick highlights are that Baylee turned 7 and got her ears pierced.  We are so proud of our little girl and pray that God would allow her to not only grow physically but spiritually as well. 

What Can you Pray for Us About:
  • Pray for retention of information
  • Pray for the Antandroy people--that they would see the creator in His creation.
  • Pray for all paperwork to be swift and easy to complete.
  • Pray for our team members and fellow believers in Mada.
  • Pray for our families and church as they settle in with the thought that we are going.
As we continue on this journey of following our Savior and the calling He has put on our lives we declare that there is life and hope in Him.  His name is Jesus!  Isaiah 6:13, Isaiah 11:1

 Just a few bags... LOL

 Plane Ride
 Me Singing Happy Birthday to Baylee

 Baylee's ears pierced.  Getting so big.
We got all smurfed out!!


  1. Adam, I can just hear you singing Happy Birthday in that picture-- you are just missing the big sombero!

  2. We're so thankful the transition is going well thus far. We'll definitely be praying for you to continue to retain all you are taking in. Guzzle away!

    Thanks, as always, for sharing photos too. It keeps people closer indeed.


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