Countdown to Mada

We are in VA learning how to accomplish great things for the Lord.  We are spending long hours each day sitting and learning so that we can spend countless hours applying and teaching.  While here we are able to learn from some very gifted teachers but most of all we are able to here from the Father on a very regular  basis.  What the Lord has been doing in our hearts and minds is truly amazing.  We have a heart for the Antandroy and Father just continues to grow the love that He has for them within our hearts.  We have somewhere around 35 days until we head out on the newest adventure of our lives.  We are in constant prayer and seeking to be the very best M's we can possibly be by abiding within the Father.  The past month has seen so many new things that it is hard to share them all.  A few highlights are that we are living with some great new friends and have had the privilege to meet so many other great new friends.  The Mitchell's, Doug, Nathan, and of course Jeremy are Awesome!  We have all bonded and have so much fun that it really excites us all about what the Lord can accomplish in all of our lives as we move onward.  The girls are growing in their walk with the Father as well.  Phoebe and Emma are developing a boldness and willingness to step out in ways we have not previously seen.  Baylee is memorizing Scripture and learning so much about what life will be like.  Of course this past week has been most exciting for all of us with an earthquake and hurricane hitting the same week.  We praise God for His mighty hand of protection on our lives.  All I can say is that God must really want to do something special in our lives to give us the privilege to experience these two events.  Please continue to keep us in your prayers and we hope to see many of you one more time before we head out.

Prayer Request:
  • That God would  have the right people ready to hear the Gospel and to be ready to lead
  • For the Lord to give us the ability to learn Malagasy quickly
  • For us to be wise on what we should take and leave here on these final runs
  • That we would finish training very well
  • That we would have quality time with family and friends before leaving
One final note to just say that God is so amazing how He continues to bless our lives through you all.  Thank you so much for your involvement in what the Lord is doing in and through us.  We look forward to seeing you join up with us in the future in Mada

 Suzie and I celebrated 13 years of marriage!!!
 Got to get away to see the Thorman's and go to the beach.
 Hanging out on the couch
 Mada Family
 Drying Meat.....


  1. Great to meet you guys and hang out. We feel a special bond with the families that are so close to our son, Nathan, and we are praying about how we can support you guys as you go to Mada as well.
    Keep the faith and shine His light!

  2. Meeting your family has moved OUR family to the next level on our journey as Nathan prepares to serve in Mada, as well. Your obedience to the call and your faithfulness in all things, great and small, inspires and challenges us. Your peace in this time of preparation in the transitional journey is amazing! We pray for you now on a personal level, that your witness will be bold and that God will constantly remind you HE IS ALREADY WHERE YOU ARE GOING! "The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid: do not be discouraged." Deut.31:8 With much love & prayers, Crystal Baker


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