Finishing One Chapter to Begin Another

June 2011

After a wonderful commissioning service by our church family and friends we truly do feel as if we are the luckiest people on the face of the earth.  We have seen the Master's hands involved in so many details and have been in awe of His greatness and how He continually proves to be in complete control.  As we have two Sundays left as Pastor at Ridgecrest here in Commerce I am personally sad and glad to be able to just get fed a little and spend some good quality time with God as we begin this new chapter in life.  One thing is for sure we are in desperate need of God's hand to lead, guide, protect, provide, bless, etc...  Along with that we covet all the prayers we can get now and in the future.  We are totally aware that without God's people praying and being involved it would not happen.  So we tell you thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your involvement. 
As we close out our time in Commerce we have many tears that have been shed and will be shed as we leave these friends within the Commerce community.  We have loved every minute of the ministry that God has done here (Though they have not all been easy or enjoyable at the moment) and have grown so much over the past four years.  We owe so much to the people of RBC and friends within the city and surrounding communities.  They have truly blessed us by being a part of our lives.  Thus, we say a see you later as we all continue to serve God instead of good bye.
As for the next month and a half it is busy.  We have been blessed to be able to speak at several different locations and look forward to sharing about the greatness of God and the needs of the Antandroy people at each one.  So thankful for the many prayer partners that will come about from these engagements.  We are so thankful for the many that have come on board to support us already.  Family, Parkstreet BC, Victory for Seniors BC, Ridgecrest Commerce BC, Hunt Baptist Association, Fellow laborers in the Gospel of Christ,  FBC Commerce, BSM TAMU-C, Authentic Life Church, First Southern Baptist Church in Pueblo Colorado, the WMU ladies of HBA, and many more.  We are so blessed by you guys. 
If you want to come out and hear us we will provide a detailed schedule soon.  However, for you to be aware we will be speaking in the following cities:  Huffman, Corpus Christi, Round Rock, Fort Worth, Arkadelphia, and we are working on the schedule for a few more locations.  Now don't feel bad for us, we will also have some great family time and a little vacation time to just sit and mellow.

Some Prayer Needs:
Patience as we pack up and sale off our belongings
For crating to go smooth on the June 13 and 14th.
For our last Sunday at RBC on June 12
For VBS at RBC
For the Antandroy to begin to see and sense God at work
For FPO (Orientation) in July.
Praise it looks like we will finish our ministry at RBC with at least five straight weeks of baptisms maybe six.  Praise God!!!
During the Commissioning Service (We were prayed over by a line of brothers and sisters in Christ)

 Deacon Body at RBC

 Our Wonderful parents:  They are so Awesome!!!


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