A Change of Scenery Same Job

Learning to follow God's call on ones life is extremely hard.  Doing what is right is not always as easy as it seems.  The continual struggle to become a man of intergrity who fears the Lord and is truly seeking God with His whole heart is extremely rewarding but difficult.  Furthermore, growing a family to be a family that fears God and truly seeks to honor Him seems an even greater task.  It is in the times of feeling alone and worn out in serving God that one truly learns to depend completely and wholly upon the Lord.  One thing is true and will always be true and that is that God is the Rock of Salvation and He continually proves Himself Mighty and able to Save all the time.
It is the reminder of God's ability to save that leads one to remember God's Word to Isaiah.  In Isaiah 49:6 God speaks and says "It is not enough for you to be My servant raising up the tribes of Jacob and restoring the protected ones of Israel.  I will also make you a light for the nations, to be My salvation to the ends of the earth".  This is exactly how our family feels right now in the US as we go throught this process of moving to the ends of the earth.  We know that God has a great and mighty plan for us here and right now but we also are fully aware of the fact that the nations are crying out and waiting for news about the Savior.  There is a world out there waiting to hear about God as the Rock of our Salvation and one who is always Mighty to Save.  It is the great message of Christ that we must continually preach and share with the world around us.  Not only now to a great place like the US but also to places like, Argentina, Madagascar, Panama, Ethiopia and anywhere else. 
We know that the road ahead is long and will be extremely tough but as we also look back at the road behind us and remember how long and hard it has been we will use the memories and markers about God's faithfulness to spur us on to what He has ahead for us.  Praise be to God who is in full control.  We humbly submit our lives to Him and surrender our yesterdays, today and tomorrows.


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